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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Oct 4th, 2010
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You know JOSH DUHAMEL is currently in the hit movie, "Life as We Know It" says
that playing a dad in the movie for him came naturally. Josh said at the New York
Red Carpet premiere that he had a real fondness for kids even though he had to play
with triplets off-camera. Josh even says wife FERGIE would be a great mom, even Josh's
co-star KATHERINE HEIGL's husband JOSH KELLEY said that Josh is the coolest guy
and will be a wonderful father.

Have you ever wondered what performers make when they do their concerts?? Well did
you hear that Justin makes over $300,000 for every concert her performs, making him the
highest paid young performer in the world for 2010. By the way, other performers who are
money makers are: SHERYL CROW that makes $146,000, BRET MICHAELS with $64,000
and American Idol champ KRIS ALLEN makes a surprisingly modest $12,500.

Now I told you a few months back that "Spider-Man" will have a totally new cast for its 2012
release. Now Spidey will be played by ANDREW GARFIELD who is currently is in the hit
movie "THE SOCIAL NETWORK". Now I just found out that there will be a "new" Mary Jane
Watson that will be played by EMMA STONE who was in the movie "Superbad" & "The House

Have I got a story to tell you about comedian RALPHIE MAY, did you hear that he got caught with
marijuana in Guam. When he was going through customs a dog approached Ralph and he
did the pet the German Shepherd (I think you know where this is going). So Ralph had no clue
that the dog was a drug-sniffing dog and when Ralph was checked that's when they found the "pot",
so Ralph was arrested but then paid a small fine and finally released.

Do you know that "BEATLES" legend JOHN LENNON will be 70 years old this Saturday. So John's
widow YOKO ONO organized three nights of shows in Los Angeles to celebrate John's birthday.
Yoko even did a duet with LADY GAGA on Saturday Night. Other performers that appeared at the
Plastic Ono Band was Sonic Youth's KIM GORDON, rapper RZA, THURSTON MOORE and even
Lennon's rocker son SEAN was in attendance.

So did you hear KELIS pulled a "Super Bowl Janet", I tell you what I mean. On Friday she performed
her latest track "SCREAM" on a British show called, "THE ALAN TITCHMARSH SHOW". So she
wore a sexy low-cut outfit and her wardrobe malfunction left her "bitties" exposed, she was
embarrassed. But lucky for her the show was recorded so they had to edit it out.

Do you hear that NBC is making a classic 60s TV show come back on the air, would you believe
that its: "THE MUNSTERS". But someone is not too thrilled about that and the original star
BUTCH PATRICK who played "EDDIE MUNSTER" in the '64-'66 verison. Universal Studios is
making plans to work on a new series but Butch says a new format won't be popular with the
viewers. But if they do revise the series, Butch thinks BRAD GARRETT would be perfect as

That is all for today but you can see my videos on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) &
YOUTUBE (73GossipBoy's). Also listen to me every Sunday on a great show called "NEW
MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO" Sundays from 6pm-9pm. During that time
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