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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Oct 25th, 2010
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I hope you all had a great weekend and I have to start off the week with some more
CHRISTINA AGUILERA & JORDAN BRATMAN. Now days before they split up, Chrissy
had went to the Hospital with Jordan because she had a busted lip. When the nurses
asked what happened Jordan jumped in a said she fell down (UH-OH!!!, you think you
know where this is leading up to). Also Christina must have bisexual tendencies because
Jordan would get jealous when she bought women home (I guess to spice up their sex-life),
I would think Jordan would be exitced.

Now let's talk about "GOSSIP GIRL'S" bad-girl TAYLOR MOMSEN. The other night at Don Hill's
Taylor and her band "THE PRETTY RECKLESS" performed at the Paper Magazine Party. Well
it was a real "party" when Taylor performed "Make Me Wanna Die" and decided to pull over her top
and show her boobs that threw her fans into complete shock mode. But she had two black pasties
stuck on her boys so they weren't exposed.

After years of trying CELINE DION has given birth to twin boys in Florida on Saturday Morning. Her
husband RENE and son RENE CHARLES are thrilled. Celine had the twins via C-section and it
went very successful, from what I heard the boys already have a full head of hair. All they have to
do now is give the fraternal twin boys a name.

Guess who has a new fashion line out: AMY WINEHOUSE. Amy told "Glamour" magazine says
her Fred Perry line is classic and will be her "be-all" & "end-all". But what's more positive about
Amy is that she has been clean and sober for nearly 3 years and says she's determined to stay
that way. (I kind of miss the "Wacko-Winohouse!!!)

You heard that on OXYGEN TV RUSSELL SIMMONS has a new show called "RUNNING RUSSELL
SIMMONS". Well on the show Russell has an intern named 21 year old SAGEN ALBERT. Well
our man TYSON BECKFORD (pictured here) is dating Sagen because last week they were at
the Lavo party for Russell's new reality show and from what I hear Tyson really likes Sagen.
Other guests that was there were NICK CANNON, REV. AL SHARPTON, and GAYLE KING.

If you were at PACHA the other night you might have seen my favorite hunky actor JARED LETO
(30 Seconds to Mars). He showed up at 1:45am and wanted to cast one of the "Pacha" girl
dancers to be in his next music video. So he went to their private dressing room and asked them
to line-up and show off a few of their moves. So Jared ended up choosing a blond Russian chick
who I heard was very excited.

That's it for today kids and remember you can look at my videos on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta
Simpson) or YOUTUBE (under 73GossipBoy's). Every Sunday listen to me on
www.partyradiousa.net at 6:30pm & 7:30pm where I will tell you the most talked about gossip of
the week on "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO" Sundays from 6pm-9pm. If
you've missed Sundays we re-broadcast the show on Fridays from 4pm-7pm.

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