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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Nov 22nd, 2010
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RIHANNA said there is one thing she will "never" do: Pose For PLAYBOY.
She had many offers to pose for the magazine but feels the magazine is not
classy. If she thought that it would not be "classy" then she maybe should
re-think her decision.

So now that JESSICA SIMPSON is engaged to her fiancee ERIC JOHNSON how
did they celebrate?? By getting some pizza after their celebration "IN ITALY". Jessica
who just turned the "BIG" 3-0 celebrated with her friends, family (and Eric too) at the La
Loggia Italian Bistro and feasted on pizza and finger foods. This was to celebrate Jessica's
and Eric's upcoming wedding.

Did you hear my divalicious LADY GAGA bought a Scottish Mansion that was on the market
for $24 Million Dollars. The mansion is a 17th century Yester House in East Lothian, Scotland.
Its mansion has 60 rooms, 6 principal bedrooms, 3 kitchens. The person who owned the mansion
before was also a music icon by the name of GIAN CARLO MENOTTI who was an Italian-American
composer but he died in 2007.

If you were at Club Ole in Elizabeth, New Jersey you saw KEYSHIA COLE & NICKI MINAJ. The girls
were at the club Thursday night for their performance of, "I AIN'T THRU". Well many female fans
loved the performance so much that they asked Keyshia and Nicki to sign their boobs. After that
was done HOT 97 King "DJ FUNKMASTER FLEX" went to the turntables for two hours to a packed

Can you imagine rapper and "Law and Order: SUV" star ICE-T becoming reality show star? Well
he and his wife COCO came to the Covet Lounge in Midtown with a film crew. They shot some
footage in the lounge for 30 minutes and hung out after filming was completed, there was no
word if when it would air but it will be on the "E! TELEVISION NETWORK" (home of "Keeping Up
with the Kardashians!")

DAVID ARQUETTE was fashionably late for the US Weekly Party. The party was called "HOT
HOLLYWOOD STARS WHO CARE" for feeding America, a hunger-relief charity at The Colony
in Hollywood. Dave apologized to the magazine staff and the red-carpet staff because he said
he was putting his daughter COCO to bed and then he fell asleep. Other guests at the gala were

HARRISON FORD("Morning Glory") & CALISTA FLOCKHART or FORD who have been married
over 5 months just bought a nearly $13 Million Dollar estate in Brentwood, Los Angeles. They
were together in Santa Barbara Friday at the 2010 SBIFF KIRK DOUGLAS AWARD for
Excellence in Film.

Here is some news I found out that are going to break you "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" fans
that are regarding these two. TERI HATCHER who plays wacky & lovable Susan Meyer on the
ABC Mega-Hit (Top 10 in the Nielsen ratings since 2004) has quit the show (get the hankys out).
But Teri has moved on and wants to do a sitcom hopefully to be put into the January slot. But
get this kids the blonde one, FELICITY HUFFMAN, who plays Lynette Scavo is leaving in the
8th season (2011-2012). Now you & me are wondering, "What in hell will happen after 2012
especially when VANESSA WILLIAMS just made it as juicy as NICOLETTE SHERDIAN did
from 2004-2009. From what I heard the crew is not happy with Teri because she makes the
show what it is and the show revived her career. In my opinion, say goodbye in 2012 kids!!!!

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