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So guess whose going to be writing and starring in an action flick? "HEIDI MONTAG." Heidi wants the movie to be like Bourne meets Barbie (and with the plastic surgery she has been doing, she calls it like she sees it) but she wants to call herself the blond LARA CROFT. Heidi even had experience with knife-fighting and gun training for over two years with the Delta Force.RIHANNA is joining this summer LILITH FAIR tour in Utah July 12th this is an all-girl tour which will feature country legend LORETTA LYNN, ERYKAH BADU, MARY J. BLIGE, and SHERYL CROW.Did you hear about STEVEN SEAGAL is getting sued from KAYDEN NGUYEN for $1 Million Dollars? Well Kayden was working as Steven's executive assistant in February 2009 but it wasn't for making coffee, it was for sexually pleasuring Steven. She said that Steven fondled her boobs and forced his hands down her pants the first night she started. Before Kayden he had two Russian girls available for him when he needed and when one of them quit, Kayden was to be the replacement. So she's suing Steven for sexual harrassment, female sexual trafficking, and wrongful termination.LADY GAGA has a dream to work with SUSAN BOYLE, Gaga calls Susan her woman of the year and wants to work with that kind of talent. It will happen because Susan expressed a huge interest with working with Gaga because Sue says Gaga is original and she loves Gaga's costumes
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