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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Wed May 19th
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On Monday MARIAH CAREY performed her concert in Egypt,
just under her feet on stage an electrical fire broke out. Mariah
became a heroine when she grabbed a towel to put the flames
out, talk about a "HOT" performance!

RUSSELL BRAND has another love beside KATY PERRY, it's
"HOOKERS!" Russell enjoys the company of "hoes" and when
he was 16 his father paid for Russ to have a session with a hooker
in Hong Kong. Prostitutes are really fascinating women to talk to,
don't ask how I know.

The future of the CHARLIE SHEEN hit series, "TWO AND A HALF
MEN" was in question because of Charlie's "domestic problems"
with his wife (soon to be ex-wife) BROOKE MUELLER on Christmas
Day. But good news, Charlie has signed on for another two years of
the series that will carry into 2012. The show just finished wrapping up their
seventh season just last month.

Well "TWILIGHT" Director Catherine Hardwicke is getting nervous and
down to the thin wire about the salary dispute for the fifth and final
installment called "BREAKING DAWN". She could lose ASHLEY
GREENE and KELLAN LUTZ if they don't get the $1.5 Million dollar
payment just as filming is about to begin soon.

Congrats to AMY ADAMS and her fiance DARREN LEGALLO because
Saturday Amy had a 7-pound baby girl named AVIANA in Los Angeles.
When they found out last year that they were having a baby they had to
know the sex of the baby right away.

I remembered that I saw BRISTOL PALIN (SARAH'S daughter) on "THE
VIEW" she talked about how hard it is as a 19 year old girl to raise and
financially support her 1 year old baby boy TRIPP. Well she will be joining
a speaker circuit to talk about teen pregnancy and how she became an
adovcate for teen-abstinence. Now for every speech Bristol makes she will
get an average of $22,000 an appearance so that will help her and baby Tripp
with everything they need.

Well that's it for today but wait until tomorrow the gossip will keep on coming!!!

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