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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Jan 10th, 2011
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The breakup of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL stars ZAC
EFRON & VANESSA HUDGENS didn't last long because
I heard on Friday night they were at the Eden Club in
Los Angeles all over each other. Vanessa and Zac hung
out with BRITTANY SNOW and Zac and Vanessa were
dancing, drinking Vodka, and kissing. An onlooker next
to their table said they were dirty dancing and making out
all throughout the night.

LINDSAY LOHAN who recently left rehab got a present
from her pal PASCAL MOUAWAD, "a $25,000 heart shaped
10-carat diamond necklace. Pascal who is a designer for
NICOLE RICHIE'S House of Harlowe line gave Lindsay the
gift and is saying she looks great and looks forward to
spending lots of time together in the new year.

DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM are expecting their 4th
child this summer. BROOKLYN, ROMEO, & CRUZ (their
3 boys) are very happy about getting another younger
brother and sister, personally I think it might be a girl this

More baby news to tell you about is 30 ROCK's own JANE
KRAKOWSKI. She's engaged to British clothes designer
ROBERT GODLEY and that was last January, now "this"
January they are going to become parents and cannot be
more happier. Jane was spotted with a baby-bump while
vacationing in the Caribbean last Thursday.

So Hollywood has a cute young couple: AMANDA SEYFRIED
& RYAN PHILLIPPE. They were seen showing public affection
on Amanda's new movie, "NOW". They were spotted
shopping together during the Christmas Holidays. How
interesting that this news broke a week after Ryan
congratulated ex-wife REESE WITHERSthingy on the news
of her engagement to Hollywood Agent JIM TOTH.

Next month RIHANNA will have her first perfume out called
"REB 'L FLEUR". "Reb 'L Fleur" is a name that Rihanna's
grandmother from Barbados which stands for "Rebel Flower".

Have you been watching SARAH PALIN'S reality show,
"SARAH PALIN'S ALASKA", well if your waiting word on if a
second season will come, the wait is "OVER" "Because their
is not going to be one". Yesterday was the 2-hour series
finale and the show followed Sarah, her husband Todd, and
their children. Even one special episode had Sarah camping
with KATE GOSSELIN (from what I heard the women didn't
really speak to each other off camera). The series only
averaged 3 Million viewers a week.

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