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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Sept 30th, 2013
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"I hope you all (as I always say) had a great weekend". I want to start this last day
of September with so much to talk about in these next "13" stories. MICHAEL
DOUGLAS turned "69" while CATHERINE ZETA-JONES turned "44" on last
Wednesday. As you know they are separated and are taking time to work and
evaluate their marriage. I hear Michael was in Los Angeles following his Emmy
win 2 weeks ago at "THE 2013 EMMY AWARDS" while Catherine spent her
Wednesday birthday in "China". "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!!!"

ROBERT PATTINSON was seeing a cute brunette and bought her to a fellow
actress birthday party. Well I just found out that he's been seeing for a month
"DYLAN PENN" whose parents you know very well: "SEAN PENN & ROBIN
WRIGHT". On the 7th they went to see rapper "MICKEY AVALON at The Viper
Room in L.A. Then they went to "The Chateau Marmont" after the show to
drink and get some food.

There's a new movie coming out called "FURY" directed by "DAVID AYER"
and his stars "SHIA LABEOUF & BRAD PITT" had to go camping together
to bond ("as per request from Mr. Ayer"). He made Brad and Shia go camping
without their cell-phones and when you don't have a cell-phone in the middle of
the wilderness, "You know your ass is roughin'-it!!!"

One thing I hate is "BULLIES" whether it be male or female, "they should F**ing
know better". Well "BREAKING BAD" star "AARON PAUL" (who yesterday he
and BRYAN CRANSTON aired the final episode of "Breaking") raised over $1.8
Million Dollars for his wife "LAUREN" anti-bullying campaign called "THE KIND
CAMPAIGN" which helps young girls who are being bullied. By the way, there are
200 "Breaking Bad" memorabilia items for sale at an auction called "SCREENBID".

I cannot believe, "but eventually will!!!", that "DARYL HANNAH" ("SPLASH &
KILL BILL VOLUMES 1 & 2) admitted she has "AUTISM". It was found when
she was a child and that explains why she never gave interviews or promotional
appearances. She had admitted she was "very shy" and terrified to be around

There was a reunion after 20+ years: ex-hubby and wifey "MADONNA & SEAN
PENN". They took a photo together ("which is odd because Sean would be the hell
out of a photographer"). But they were at The Gagosian Gallery in New York City
on Tuesday benefiting "THE MADONNA & STEVEN KLEIN" secret project revolution
party. The party was about freedom of speech, choice, expression, and experience.
You can see Madge's and Steve's film on YouTube which is about 17 minutes long.

The ZAC EFRON addiction problem is really coming to a bright, shining, light.
At The New York Thompson Hotel on January 3rd this year he passed out from
abusing oxycodone, marijuana, alcohol, and Adderall. Someone who was with
Zac though he was going to die but as you know in April, he went to rehab and
is okay ("but makes you wonder for how long???")

Well I never thought I would see the day, "CHRIS BROWN & DRAKE" have
buried the hatchet. Over the weekend Chris was performing at the "IHEART
MUSIC FESTIVAL" in Las Vegas and Drake and his gang came to see Chris'
performance. Then backstage they were drinking and ended up hugging
each other, I hear they are even going to do a collaboration.

And the reason over the Chris & Drake feud , "RIHANNA". While the boys have made
up, "Ri-Ri" is in a catty feud with new R&B singer, "TEYANA TAYLOR". On Twitter
during September 11th, Rihanna was dissing Teyana because she sang "ANITA
BAKER'S song "CAUGHT IN A RAPTURE" (Teyana is signed to KANYE WEST'S
"GOOD LABEL".) So Ri-Ri decided to get her male stylist on "Instagram" to put
on a fake wig and mock Teyana's song, Rihanna even made fun of what Teyana
makes which is $500,000 compared to Ri-Ri's whopping "$90 MILLION DOLLARS!!"

"BIG BANG THEORY" star "KALEY CUOCO" ("who rakes in $11 Million Dollars
from "Big Bang") is engaged to her tennis player boyfriend "RYAN SWEETING"
who popped the question Thursday although they've only been together 3 months.

NICK CARTER ("BACKSTREET BOYS") has a new memoir out called, "FACING
THE MUSIC AND LIVING TO TALK ABOUT IT". He talks about how horrible his
relationship was with "PARIS HILTON" and said, "she was the worse person in the
world to ever hook up with". Nick is now engaged to "LAUREN KITT" (whose into
fitness) and they are going to do a reality show about heading to the altar, "VH1"
maybe picking up the series.

LIAM HEMSWORTH (screaming, "FREE FROM MILEY CYRUS") was in New York
City at The Columbus Circle Boss Flagship opening wearing a tuxedo. WOODY
ALLEN, MARK SANCHEZ, JOSH DUHAMEL, among others were at the event.
As you know already, Liam is currently seeing Mexican Actress "EIZA GONZALEZ".

"BARNEY'S" is working with "JAY-Z" to bring some "hot fashion" to the store on
November 20th. Jay is working with Balenciaga, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler,
and Balmain to make blankets, black leather back-packs, and gold rings. It
will be available on Barney's 3rd floor on Wednesday November 20th and 25%
of sales will go to Jay-Z's foundation known as his real name, "THE SHAWN

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