Corona Virus: Symptoms and Prevention Print
Written by vipul   


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels



Medical staff diagnose Coronavirus by assessing the patients. They ask if they have the following symptoms:

· Difficulty in breathing

· Cough that starts slow but going severe as it goes on

· Fever with a temperature that starts low-grade but increases eventually

In some cases, people feel severe symptoms and need to be brought to the hospital for emergency medical services. These symptoms include blue lips or face, excessive drowsiness and persistent pain in the chest.

Covid-19 is diagnosed by medical experts using blood, tissue or saliva sample.


To prevent the spread of infection, people are encouraged to develop the habit of washing their hands frequently or using disinfectant. Avoid touching the face when you are not sure if your hands are clean. These hygienic practices can help in preventing the virus from coming inside the body. However, people need to go out for their necessities and during those instances, social distancing is the best way to ensure that they don’t get infected by those who might have Coronavirus. Stay at least a meter away from other people at all times. Avoid physical contact. Always clean your hands when touching doorknobs, phones, computer in public places. Cover your mouth or wear a mask when in public places.