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Gnarly Head Authentic Red Vintage 2010 via Lodi, California
Warning: This is the type of wine that will have you open so be prepared! Even people I suggest it to who are not into reds had a change of heart.
Ready? Close your eyes & envision indulgent spoonfuls of blueberry confit, massive flavors of blackberries & plums while sneaking in bites of dark chocolate at the end. It's intensely sweet-not in that tawny Port way- in that juicy, very fruit-forward way. Super ripe & ready for the kill, the smoothness alone will throw you for a loop. Your mouth will wonder why they never met but beware-you will crave more. This bottle of fermented brilliance is as gully as it gets-a mixed breed of Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Petite Syrah. If you love red blends as much as I do, it will damn near ruin you because even if this is not your main squeeze, the temptation will continuously overwhelm you until-well-you meet again.(R. Lambert)