In his stand-up show, comedian Chris Rock joked that when meeting someone new, you don’t meet them, you meet their representative. We have to admit, to some extent that is true. That said it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We realized that especially on a first date, there are certain small things that can make a huge difference.

Nails and feet: You’ve seen it before – a sexy specimen before your eyes and then your excitement falters when you get a glimpse of his nails - dirty or chewed up or worse – long. Or you see a woman who is visually sexually stimulating only to catch wind of the hammer time happening with a quick glance of her untamed feet.

Scents: If people knew the power of scent in the rules of attraction, a lot more people would pay more attention to this. *Note: In regards to cologne and perfume, less is more. Freshly showered, moisturized skin is always best.

Smile: A smile is the secret weapon that that biggest bitch and grandest asshole uses to prey on their victim, suck them in and get them hooked.

Talking with food in your mouth: Don’t do it. Nothing you are saying is that important, you can’t wait until you swallow. Plus witnessing this just skeeves the other person out.

Eye contact: You know that old saying, eyes always tell a story. Well in a conversation for instance, bad eye contact just makes the other person feel like they’re babbling when they’re not and good eye contact makes them like they have your attention.

Cell phone: Don’t call anyone, text anyone, play Ruzzle, go on Twitter, Instagram or anything else while you on your date. As a matter fact, don’t even take your phone out – especially if you are out eating. Quiet as kept, it just comes off rude on a first date.

Once you have him or her sprung do whatever you want but until then, follow these rules and you’ll have more dates to go on.

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”
-Joseph Addison

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