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YUMMY drink recipe!
Date: 2008/06/29 22:59 By: iluvgossip Status: User  
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Maraschino cherries

Vodka (I used vanilla vodka but regular is just fine!)

Large box of Cherry or black cherry jelly/jello/gelatin

Choclate liquor (examples, there is Godiva over here, but any chocolate or chocolate cream liquor will do)


(one batch of this makes approx 24 jello shots, in 2 oz cups)

Take your cherries and drain off the juice they are in and then replace the juice with vodka. Put in the fridge and let marinate for an hour – or 2 if you like the more vodka flavour! (I did this once over night and when I ate a cherry I literally had tears running down my face they were so strong!)

When the cherries are marinated, place 1 in each of the cups.

Boil two cups of water and then add the jello to it and mix until dissolved. Let Cool (otherwise the liquor you add will lose the alcohol to it!) Then add in 13 ounces of chocolate liquor and 3 ounces of water to the jelly mixture and stir. It will be cloudy and “thick” compared to regular jelly shots.

Pour into each cup, covering the cherry. Put a lid on each up and pop in the fridge and let firm up.

The texture of these is gonna be thicker than jello but they are SO good, you wont mind, I promise ;) just remember to chew them up cause of the cherry! LOL
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Re:YUMMY drink recipe!
Date: 2008/07/01 16:04 By: KatiePery Status: User  
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My god that sounds LOVELY! I think Ill have to make that for the UFC fights this weekend. ;-)
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