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The Fullness of Love Over Time
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The Fullness of Love Over Time, written by me. This was published on housewifemafia.com, but not there any longer.

We were children when we met, back in 1960. A melding of two souls began, childhood sweethearts, years later, young lovers, inexperienced but sweet and tender, as young love should be. Separated by three provinces our lives took separate paths. Destiny is often cruel and our connection became as elusive as the Nova Scotian fog it was born in.

A note was in my mail one day. “Gone to Fort McMurray. Join me.” For the second time, I thought my heart would break. I could not go; I had another love, my work and plans for a future.

News was sporadic over the years. I thought of him often, wistfully, and was happy for his joys and saddened by his failures, as I raised my own family with its own share of both.

Twenty years pass; my mother is desperately ill and I am visiting her in Hamilton. The phone rings and I answer. “It’s Eldon,” he says, although he didn’t have to tell me, my pounding heart did. The same lilting cadence of his speech caressed my ears as his presence felt tangible. We laughed, we cried and we talked for hours.

We stay in touch now, calling each other to share the milestones of our lives. I no longer dream of meeting him one last time; of re-kindling that once bright and shining love. I am content, knowing he has a family that loves him, as have I.
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