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Is anyone real here?
Date: 2007/05/06 05:42 By: LuvIsALie Status: Visitor  
Seems like all I am hearing from on here are women in Africa. Their Profile says they are from the USA but they tell me they are in africa and need my "help" in other words $$$$ to get back home.. Today I was contacted on this site and another one by two women, with different names, ages, professions and different emails but the same picture on their profile. I am sure that before long I will be asked for money to help them get back from africa. I want to know if any of the ladies here are real and in the usand sincerely wanting to meet someone.
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Re:Is anyone real here?
Date: 2007/05/10 14:56 By: vicpub Status: Moderator  
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I am sure a lot of women are real here! I, for one, have met several already although it didn't work out :whistle: I'm sure you'll find a great woman here in Elitemate, just use the different feature they have.

I wonder if some guys are still falling over that old trick of sending money to a damsel in distress...hmm, must be working for some women because they keep on trying that strategy to get money :angry:
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