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Need more sleep?
Date: 2008/12/17 18:01 By: KatiePery Status: User  
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You've probably been there: Tossing and turning at night, you pop a few Tylenol PMs. Sure, you nod off quickly, but the next day you can barely make it to the office in your semi-zombified state.

Next time you're having trouble getting to sleep, try out one of these herbals remedies -- way gentler than the chemical alternatives, but for many people, still effective.

Valerian root: It stinks, but it’s the most effective sleep-inducer of all herbal cures. You can find it in capsule, tea, tablet or liquid extract forms. Valerian root can also ease anxiety and muscle stiffness -- find out how.

Chamomile Tea: Drink a cup before hitting the sheets. Learn how chamomile tea can also help out with digestive problems, menstrual cramps and more.

Celery: Munch on some; it’s loaded with sedatives. We've got hundreds of recipes that use celery -- try one!

Lemon balm: It can be soothing and emit a pleasant scent.

Lavender: Take a whiff of lavender while taking a warm evening bath. It relaxes the nervous system, reducing stress hormones that often keep you awake. Lavender’s scent also ups the production of relaxing alpha waves in the brain for deeper sleep. If you get migraines, lavender can help with that too.

Hops: If your sleeping problems are connected to your period, hops can be useful because it balances out fluctuating hormone levels. Stuff a sleep sachet containing the herb under your pillow.
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