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Where do I belong ???
Date: 2008/09/28 02:32 By: vicpub Status: Moderator  
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The Obama speech on the economy was reasoned, hard-hitting, deeply felt, and
of sufficient detail to give reassurance that good minds are trying to deal
with serious problems and that well-thought out solutions will be put

The McCain-Palin appearance in Ohio was marked by slogans, slurs and
imprecisions and gave the impression that a McCain presidency would mean a
lot of apoplectic shouting in Washington. Watching him, I sometimes have
the impression that McCain will start foaming at the mouth. I was however
nearly blinded by the bejeweled Cindy who introduced Palin (wooops, I should
have said Governor Palin, since the McCain campaign insists that we
Americans are to show deference to Republican candidates), and who fondly
looked on, perhaps thinking of the $40 million that will be coming to her,
as owner in absentia of the beer distributor she inherited, as the Governor
and her husband spoke of the CEOs who do nothing to help American workers
but who walk away with multimillion dollar severance packages.

My mind then thought of McCain economic adviser Carly Fiorina, who walked
away with some $40 million in severance pay. Maybe he wasn't really thinking
of her, or maybe he was extracting revenge for Carly's telling Allan
Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell, today that neither John McCain nor
Governor Palin was qualified to run a major company. Of course, Carly
didn't seem to be capable of it either, since she was fired from HP.

And I am wondering about the relative worth of Cindy McCain and Barbra
Streisand, whom McCain derided in his rant as one of Obama's celebrity
friends. Isn't Barbra an American citizen? Is it really appropriate for
presidential candidates to insult American citizens, even if they are
celebrities? Is it really appropriate for a vice-presidential candidate to
look down her nose at all the American citizens who live in San Francisco?
Don't the President and the Vice-President work for them too? Don't they
get any deference?

All is not entirely darkness and depression. Actually I find myself
laughing more and more when any Republican, be it principle, surrogate or
analyst, says anything. So much of what I hear them say is preposterous,
and they say it all so seriously. Or maybe I am going mad, pushed over the
edge by the campaign. Unfortunately my obsession with TV political coverage
is getting worse (witness the 3.30 am hour). I think I must do something to
break it.

But Obama speech was exactly what was needed. And I am glad and grateful to
be inspired. But I am afraid that no one is listening to reason in the din
of slurs, slogans and jingoisms.
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Re:Where do I belong ???
Date: 2008/09/28 02:42 By: apple Status: User  
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Ugh Carly Fiorina! She ran HP in to the ground for one. And that thing he
says about how McCain Palin aren't qualified to run a business...yea TOTALLY
taken out of context and spun (typical) by bias media--MSNBC which itself is
going down the toilet bowl. Carly did infact say they couldn't run a
business but you know what what the media DIDN'T include in that 2 second
clip "...But Obama and Biden aren't qualified to run a business either,
running a company and the government are 2 totally different things" no
shit Sherlock.
I think Mccain likes to pick on Obama about his "celebrity" status because
99% of the USA are NOT celebrities so we can't relate to that. We don't have
nannies and mansions and carefree lifestyles, they don't give a shit if they
get taxed (obama tax the rich give to the rest) ...those actors over there
that he courts are so far from reality and so is he. The guy is younger then
my parents and thinks he merits 2 fucking memoirs about his life?! LMFAO!
You know whats hilarious, my inlaws were here about 5 hours ago and they
said Obama claimed he cleaned up South Side Chicago but in unison my Inlaws
said Oh No He Didn't! It's a slum! Whatever he did didn't last long!

My top most important reason for being behind McCain, I think he would be
the first to know how and when to kick a terrorists ass. When Obama
actually KNOWS terrorists--Bill Ayres anyone? His Reverend and Advisor who
screams "God Damn America"?!? How can a person even let those 3 words come
out of their mouth? I know America has issues but it's still America-I get
choked up and teary eyed saying the Pledge Of Allegiance for Christ sake I'm
so proud! Your friend says "VP looking down at American citizens" COME ON
that's all Obama does! Obama doesn't give a shit about America he gives a
shit about his own portfolio and resume. He even said so himself! He
wouldn't put on a flag pin until his handlers told him he HAD to! I don't
know if I can trust someone that bends that easily. Bitter Americans
Clinging to guns and religion! Worse yet he's racist throwing his grandma
(who's white) under the bus calling her a "typical white person". Shit I'm
watching Geraldo on Fox right now, Obama said in a speech today talking
about himself(surprise surprise)..."hes got a funny name...did I mention hes
BLACK" Ooh how convenient whipping out that good old race card to win those
precious votes!
The guy can barely put 2 words together in an informal setting with out
having a brain aneurism. You know why--because hes afraid of what he REALLY
wants to say-which I imagine might sound something like Jeremiah Wright any
given Sunday.
Probably another huge thing to me, infanticide...where Obama said yes to a
bill to let botched aborted babies just lay there and die!! Even worse he
did it because he didn't want to "burden" the mother...WTF.

Obama's going to spend spend spend us in to oblivion with bullshit projects
and social programs that probably 99% of us wont even use. Obama wants to
socialize healthcare, do you realize that in every "socialized" country (UK,
Canada) SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE DOESN'T WORK!! And the people up there that
have it come down here to get taken care of! LOL They HATE it up there!
You'd think if youre smart and looked around the globe at what others do
youd learn from them! Obama thinks that the government should take care
of/PAY FOR everything for you from birth to the grave--that does NOT equal
FREEDOM!!! And most importantly it doesn't make people WORK any harder if
theyre handed everything--and whos going to pay for that? We're all going to
go bloody broke taking care of people who want to sit on their ass and
collect! It's NOT going to work! Analysts have proved it over and over
that it's not going to work--His plan is insane...the problem is people
don't listen to facts--they just get "hope-notized" bowing down to "The One"
and the ones that this vote is for are even MORE uninformed, the poor, the
elderly. All they go by are what Obama says in speeches and the nightly news
(which most are highly biased for Obama and the general public agrees) If BO
is in charge that's what we have to look forward to, buckle up enjoy the
ride. Wow this was a rant...I have to close by saying that My hero Sarah
Mother Fuckin Rockstar Palin SINGLE HANDEDLY drew a crowd of 60,000 people
in sweltering Mid Florida today! So I tell my liberal friends...suck it lol
;) It's Our turn, thankyouverymuch, and we'll have the White House in
;) love,
me lol
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