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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Tidy Bits March 2010
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JOHN MAYER has a very strange morning habit, he likes to watch Internet Porn. BRISTOL PALIN's ex LEVIN JOHNSTON Playgirl spread came out and all I have to say is better luck next time. BARBRA STREISAND turned down a $100 Million dollar, three-year residency in Las Vegas which she feels money is no object, has she seen this economy?? The show "24" may be getting cancelled after 9 years but now there is talk that they are taking the franchise to the big screen and this time they are going from America to Europe. KHLOE KARDASHIAN had a baby boy named MASON with her boyfriend SCOTT DISICK 2 months ago and how gross is this she toasted the event by drinking her own breast milk, YUCK! Remember last month when I told you that LINDSAY LOHAN had a date with a 78 year old Austrian businessman well she went on a shopping spree in LAX and the British Airways flight was delayed so they told her she had to pay $22,000 for making the plane late, she was broke because she spent all her money on clothes shopping. MADONNA is working with Macy's becuase she has a clothing line coming out from women's apparel, accessories, and even underwear, which is odd because I never thought she wore underwear. JESSICA SIMPSON has made a vow that when she does a movie you will never count on her doing a nude scene and her nude body will be for her second future husband's eyes only. Tennis star SERENA WILLIAMS has plans to become a nail technician and is even going to a Florida school to learn, she even plans to work at a nail salon part-time. Did you hear that MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and his girlfriend CAMILA ALVES went to a lesbian bar in Texas and you think they were going to hit on Camila but they actually hit on Matthew instead, they had to call bar security to protect Matt and Camila because the lesbians were going nuts. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE mother Lynn is pressuring him to have grandkids with JESSICA BIEL but Lynn will lay-off Justin if he can at least give her a grandpuppy instead. DREW BARRYMORE will receive the Vanguard Award at the GLADD awards in Los Angeles on April 17th because of Drew's huge support on gay marriage. HEIDI MONTAG is coming out with a clothing line that will be couture but more imprtantly affordable, she said that this will mimic the old Hollywood. DANIEL CRAIG who plays James Bond just married his girlfriend SATSUKI MITCHELL of 6 years in secret in Brentwood, California. MATT KEMP threw RIHANNA a 22nd Birthday Party in Phoenix Arizona with 40 friends, it had Jamaican food, flowers, cupcakes, and her birthyday cake decorated in her tattoo designs. PAULA ABDUL will be doing a one-hour talk show on the OWN (OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK) now that she has left AMERICAN IDOL and from what I hear that she may join SIMON COWELL in his new show X-FACTOR coming out in 2011. BRUCE WILLIS is going to play John McClane for the fifth time in DIE HARD and has a plan to take the storyline worldwide and wants director LEN WISEMAN again since he filmed the last movie, "LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD!"

Well kids this is all I have for you for March 2010 Gossip but coming in April you know the gossip is going to be fierce!!!

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