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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Tidy Bits for Thu Apr 8
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What an angel CYNDI LAUPER because in the winter of 2011 Cyndi will open a shelter for homeless gay youth between the ages of 18 and 24. The place will be called "TRUE COLORS" that will open in my hometown of Harlem, New York City. It will contain 30 studio apartments, a library, a coumpter room, and communal space, residents that stay there will pay rent according to their income. Have I got a story you that is so shady, JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT have been having secret meetings and you should hear what they were doing last December 9th. Brad's former bodyguard confirmed that Brad and Jen met each other secretly at a canyon in Beverly Hills, from what I heard they were hugging and kissing "A LOT!!" After they were doing they went their separate ways but the bodyguard also said it wasn't the first time that they had 'secret meetings' because they met twice in L.A. and once here in New York City. Brad and ANGELINA JOLIE are still together but the question remains, "for how long?" MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY's father, is getting married to KATE MAJOR after just six months together, talk about a whirlwind romance. Get this they are even trying to have a baby and Michael is bragging that they have been practicing FOUR times a night. Lindsay said that the idea of Kate being her stepmother just makes her want to 'vomit'. The wedding will take place in Long Island by the end of the year, by they way if Kate sounds familiar to you she used to date JON GOSSELIN. Country sweetheart SHANIA TWAIN will have her own reality show on the OWN(OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK), Shania has been absent from the country music scene since 2002, but they show will be called "WHY NOT WITH SHANIA TWAIN" which is going to give her recording career a boost, no idea when the series will air but when I find out you will know! Just when JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT writes a book on romance she has finally found it in TV star/Director JOHN ASHER, and get this he was married to JENNY MCCARTHY for six years till they divorced in 2006(remember what I told you yesterday that she and JIM CARREY ended their five-year romance). But back to Jennifer and John, they were spotted holding hands and kissing, Jen was all over John and she certainly wasn't shy or coy about it. Did you hear that KATE GOSSELIN is going to have a new series called "TWIST OF KATE" which will focus on Kate's life as a single mom to her 8 kids, you think that they are going to show Kate "going upside" the kids head's when they misbehave???

Well kids that is all for today but tomorrow is Friday and baby you know I am going to have some serious "HOT" gossip for you that you can talk with your friends for the weekend Happy Hour!!

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Re:Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Tidy Bits for Thu Apr
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Good stuff

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