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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Fri May 14th
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If you are a fan of TAYLOR MOMSEN of "GOSSIP GIRL"
you might be careful when you ask for an autograph when
you hear what I have to tell you. Taylor has a knife fetish,
she even carries one or more knives in her purse, she even
says that when she flicks her switch blade knife she calls it
"relaxing" (so did Jack The Ripper). When she went through
airplane security from New York to Los Angeles the knives
fell out when she went to get her wallet in her purse. I can
imagine the fun Taylor had with airline security.

KEVIN COSTNER and his brother DAN set up the Costner
Industries Nevada Corporation (CINC) and donated $26
Million Dollars to clean-up the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
Kevin went to Louisiana yesterday with his brother to
demostrate a new water-oil separation device.

Male Celebrity cheaters had become an epidemic, now the Today
Show's MATT LAUER left his home because his wife ANNETTE
has accused him of cheating when he was covering the Vancouver
Olympics. Annette isn't even wearing their wedding ring and when
Matt was supposed to spend Valentine's Day with her, he was in
Vancouver hot spots with different women who were Canadian
broadcasters. Something not going on right with that marriage.

PARIS HILTON is releasing a 10th new fragrance called "TEASE"
that will come out this summer. It's suppose to to be a sweet and
flirty scent and expensive to at $55. Paris even made advertisement
to make herself look like MARILYN MONROE.

So there was some seriouse drama at HEIDI MONTAG'S Los Angeles
home, she called the police on her own mother DARLENE EGELHOFF.
Darlene showed up to see Heidi unannounced and Heidi has no interest
in talking or seeing her. If you saw the recent edition of "THE HILLS",
Heidi went to Colorado to show her mom her 10 plastic surgeries she
had in one day and Darlene wasn't too happy about that where Heidi
was reduced to tears. Kids, its so bad that Heidi is seeking a restraining
order against Darlene, now that is sad.

Well kids its a rainy day today but will be a nice weekend and I will let you
know on Monday what happened with the stars over the weekend!

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