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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Thur May 20th
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To all my male fans, I got some goos news and very bad news. The
good news is that TRANSFORMERS 3 will come to the big screen.
The very bad news is MEGAN FOX will no more be with the Transformers
franchise. She and MICHAEL BAY have been at odds during the movie's
filming while Megan calls Michael a nightmare to work for and very akward.
The crew members just called her very dumb and ungracious branding
that they make her look very good in every way but she is unappreciative of
anyone's hard work. But look at the next story about who wants to replace

That's right did you see the picture on who is begging and kissing MICHAEL
BAY's behind to become the female lead: HEIDI MONTAG!! I hear that she wants
this job very badly because I hear their $7,000 monthly rent on their L.A. home
looks terrible, it so damned bad their 4 dogs just "poopies" all over the place and
Heidi's near tears when the dogs are not house-trained and SPENCER PRATT
(her hubby) demands she picks it up. Can you imagine what their marriage is like
when their doors are closed??

Just after she just turned 50 last month and completed the Boston Marathon,
VALERIE BERTINELLI has just got engaged to TOM VITALE after 6 years together.
They got engaged in Florence, Italy and was nervous but Val replied, "Are you kidding
me!" Which means she said, "OH YES!", I am so very happy for Val!!!

RYAN GOSLING and MICHELLE WILLIAMS have this new movie called "BLUE
VALENTINE" they have been promoting at the Cannes France Film Festival, they
play a troubled married couple. But what's so interesting that in real-life Ryan and
Michelle have been getting really cozy at the film festival. Before the premiere they
were walking hand-in-hand very affectionately. Then at the hotel after-party Ryan had
his hand wrapped firmly around Michelle's shoulder most of the night. But someone
said that Ryan gets cozy with everyone. Very Interesting isn't it?

So last week Saturday THE JONAS TRIO did a free concert for fans at The Grove
in Hollywood. When the brothers got on an elevator with nine of their party, the
elevator got stuck for over 45 minutes. Now Nick who is diabetic didn't have his
blood-sugar checker with him and was nervous that if the sugar would have been
low then there would have been a problem. But everything ended okay after they
were rescued.

After losing their son Jett last year and losing their pets just last week, JOHN TRAVOLTA
and KELLY PRESON gor a miracle from God, Kelly is pregnant. Kelly is going to be a
mommy and John shared the news Tuesday on his and Kelly's own site. For what
this famly has been through this year they have the right to have some great news.

Well kids that is it for today (I think Ryan and Michelle would make a sexy couple)
but wait till tomorrow, because the weekend before Memorial Day is something I
will make you just talk about. Have a great day!!!

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