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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Mon May 24th
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I hope that you all had a firece weekend because I am
going to start this week with some great Hollywood Gossip
to tell you all!

TIGER WOODS was playing on the golf course in his gated
community in Florida, he was spotted with a cute blond
and it wasn't Elin, it looked liked a spitting image of her. They
were in the golf cart together ans she stayed in the golf cart
while Tiger was putting. They were talking and having a good
time, Tiger just hated staying home and being lonely so he has
been going out quite frequently.

NAOMI CAMPBELL turned 40 on Saturday and her boyfriend (and
maybe fiance) VLADIMIR DORONIN flew in the BLACK EYED PEAS
and my favorite wild diva GRACE JONES to perform in Antibes France.
Other guests that showed were DONATELLA VERSACE and KATE MOSS
among others. The day before Vlad took Naomi on a private boat trip to
St. Tropez with friends J-LO and MARC ANTHONY.

You all know JAMES MARSTERS who I loved as "Spike" on "Buffy The
Vampire Slayer" has gotten engaged to PATRICIA RAHMAN whose 24
while James is 47, you go James!! They met in Amsterdam in 2006 while
James was performing with his band "The Ghost of the Robot". When James
got Patricia's number he left it in his jeans and when his jeans were cleaned
by the crew they took the number and threw in out. It took them months to find
each other and they will be married this fall.

Do you all know a Florida call-girl named "Tiffany?" Well she admitted that
GEORGE LOPEZ paid her for sex and wanted a threesome with her and another
female. George would text Tiffany for sex and would pay for it, he even had sex
with Tiffany's friend. This news must not be sitting too well with his wife, ANN SERRANO
that he married in 1993, George even saved Ann's life whenever kidney
deteriorated by having a kidney donated.

RYAN PHILLIPE who I played softball with in Long Island in 1992 is searching
for an apartment on the Lower East Side. He's in the new movie, "MACGRUBER"
and was at the Grey Goose party at the Roosevelt Hotel and was telling friends
that he's considering moving here after he broke up with ABBIE CORNISH.

Saturday evening LINDSAY LOHAN returned to Los Angeles because she had an
arrest warrant for not appearing in court, her reason was her passport was stolen
while at the Cannes Film Festival. The warrant got lifted after Lilo posted the
$100,000 bail and she is to appear in court later this morning. She is still on probation
until 2011 which she may have to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and submit
weekly drug-tests.

I am counting down seven days until Memorial Day and then the long hot and FUN
summer, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow with more great gossip!!!

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