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Jobs that make $40 an hour
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Imagine one hour of work getting you a decent meal for two, a tank of gas, or two twenties in your pocket. Careers that let you rake down $40 an hour aren't as few or far between as you may think.

Many of these careers are in growing fields, like health care, which means that companies across the country are hiring. With the right education -- and a bit of career training -- just about anyone can land a $40-an-hour job. Consider these great careers:

Art Director

This is a fast-paced, creative position. As an art director, you'll design, position, and make art dance to your marketing tune. It's all about eye-catching presentation of information, and with typography making a big comeback, this career puts you on the cutting edge of art and marketing at the same time.

An associate's degree in computer graphics or design could get you started in the art field, but to make it to the coveted position of art director, you're probably looking at an art degree with coursework in business. Career training for this job is intense, rewarding, and lets you move up the ladder.

Median Hourly Wage for Art Directors in 2007: $40.01 ($80,230 yearly)


Too grounded for the arts? Geoscientists are some of the earthiest people around, and they work in one of the many fields about to take off, thanks to stimulus moneys coming down the pike. From searching for natural resources to cleaning up environmental disasters, geoscientists make going green possible for the rest of us. A bachelor's degree in geology or geophysics is a necessity in this field, and many employers prefer a master's degree.

This is a diverse field, which means that geoscientists can find work in a great many niches, both public and private. With so many specializations in this field (mineralologist, sedimentologist, paleontologist, volcanologist, and geochemist to name a few) career training is vital to landing the job you want.

Median Hourly Wage for Geoscientists in 2007: $40.43 ($84,100 yearly)

Computer Software Engineer

Computers are everywhere -- and spreading. This means that computer software engineers can look forward to continued growth in the field, especially in health care niches. Programs need to be written to keep up with exponentially progressing technology and shifting markets and needs.

A degree in either computer science or computer engineering is required to enter this field. After getting that degree, computer software engineers still need to stay up to the minute with certifications and career training.

Median Hourly Wage for Computer Software Engineers in 2007: $41.18 ($85,660 yearly)


This career has numbers on its side. In their sweeping study of jobs in America, CareerCast found that mathematicians are at the very top -- that's right, mathematician is the best career in America right now. Mathematicians are extremely satisfied with their jobs, happy with their lives, and, of course, don't mind that $40+ an hour.

A bachelor's degree can get you started, but getting any further usually requires a post-graduate degree. From finance to physics, mathematicians find careers in any industry that deals with numbers.

Median Hourly Wage for Mathematicians in 2007: $43.72 ($90,930 yearly)


Careers in health care (the only industry to show sustained growth -- 30,000 jobs added a month on average in 2008) are a safe bet. Take a moment to count all of the pharmacies you pass the next time you're out and about. Nearly every grocery store employs at least one full-time pharmacist. Add on the drug stores and hospitals, and you won't be able to keep track on your fingers anymore.

Two years of college study is all that's needed to be accepted to a number of pharmacy schools. A doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) gets you to the important part: an exam for a pharmacist license. All pharmacists must become licensed to practice and pass state exams.

Median Hourly Wage for Pharmacists in 2007: $47.58 ($98,960 yearly)

With such a wide variety of $40-an-hour jobs out there, anyone can put their nose to the grindstone and land one of these highly lucrative careers. Get started on your degree -- or finish it up -- and start pulling down some great salaries in one of these hot careers.
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