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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon June 28th
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OMG, My computer was out for ten days but trust me I am back and
have I got a story to tell you about MEL GIBSON and OKSANA
GRIGORIEVA and this is BIG and DRAMATIC!!! They have been in a
seriously bitter custody battle over their 7-month old daughter LUCIA. I
hear that Oksana was being abusive to Lucia where Mel stopped her from
hurting the child when they were together. But Oksana said Mel hit her when
they aruged at his Malibu home, you know his ex-wife ROBYN is laughing at
home and maybe some cartwheels. But last Tuesday they had a nasty face-off
in an L.A. court because Oksana kept Mel away from Lucia on Father's Day. Now
Mel had planned to bring Lucia to celebrate Father's Day with his 7 other children
and Lucia banished him from seeing his daughter. You remeber that Mel's kids
weren't welcoming the new girlfriend's baby with open arms because they were
worried that she was going to get part of Mel's $800 Million Dollar fortune at the time.

Well it had to happen MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR and wife LISA ANN RUSSELL
after 14 years of marriage finally filed for divorce 2 weeks ago. They are seeking
joint custody for their son MICHAEL CHARLES and daughter AVA LORENN but
from irreconciable differences, when Lisa was out partying like a slutty college
girl, Mark was staying home with the 2 kids.

It's been a year since MICHAEL JACKSON'S death and we all still sorely miss him
in this world. But did you all know that he left his three children, daughter PARIS
and sons PRINCE MICHAEL I AND II nearly $100 Million Dollars or $33 Million per
kid. I'm so embarrassed that I'am jealous over 8 year old Prince Michael II (Blanket)
has $33 Million!!! But they won't get the full amount until age 40.

BRITNEY SPEARS and KEVIN FEDERLINE reunited at the San Fernando Valley school
last Thursday because their sons Preston and Jayden graduated preschool. Brits
dressed them up so cute and when the festivites were over, she treated the boys to a
McDonald's Happy Meal.

Saturday "American Pie" darling MENA SUVARI got married in Vatican City, Italy. She
and her new husband SIMONE SESTITO (a concert promoter) met 2 years ago at the
Toronto Film Festival and Simone whose family lives near Vatican City wanted his
family to see him marry Mena. Congrats to the Happy Couple.

So you know that former "Bachelor" and "Dancing With the Stars" JAKE PAVELKA
and his break-up with now ex-fiancee VIENNA GIRARDI, you are not going to
believe how it happened. Vienna had said that the relationship contained "no-sex"
and Jake wanted to abstain. Jake's reason was that he was on a special diet, what
was it?? "ME NO EAT P***Y!!!"

Forner Giants linebacker LAWRENCE TAYLOR was arrested last month for paying a
16-year old girl $300 to have sex with him in a hotel room. Last Wednesday he got
indicted for a rape and sexual abuse charge with a minor. He could get 4 years in
prison if he gets convicted.

2 days and counting, this Wednesday June 30th Twilight: Eclipse is coming in
theaters but last week at the movie's after-party at the Thompson Beverly Hills
Hotel ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART were holding hands but
weren't really being affectionate towards each other but were very social with
other party-goers. What was so funny at the party, paparazzies wanted to get into
the party so badly that they were trying to disguise themselves as the hotel staff so
they can get their pictures.

Last night was the BET Awards hosted by QUEEN LATIFAH but the biggest surprise
was the MICHAEL JACKSON tribute performed by CHRIS BROWN. JERMAINE
JACKSON introduced Chris when Chris did this insane dance to "Billie Jean" and
"The way you make me Feel" among others. But Chris was in tears when he performed
"Man in the Mirror" which bought the entire audience to a standing ovation, its true when
they say "Miracles Happen."

Well I am back kids and trust me I will give you the best gossip all over the world and
please listen to me on Sundays at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT
W/TONY SANTIAGO and www.partyradiousa.net!!!!

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