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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues June 29th
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Well we all knew it was coming and now it has, SANDRA BULLOCK and
JESSE JAMES have finally divorced. The divorce was finalized in Austin,
Texas where Sandra filed due to Jesse's cheating with many women during
their 5-year marriage.

Hunk-a-licious CHRIS KLEIN who played 'OZ' in "American Pie" could be facing
4 days in jail for a DUI in California on June 16th. He was swerving in lanes at
3am in the morning when the cops pulled him over and his alcohol blood level
was three times more the actual limit. Now Chris has checked into an alcohol
rehab facility and under a new California law he's going to have an interlock device
put into his car so he won't drive drunk if the alcohol level is above the limit. I sound
so lawyer-ish don't I??

LINDSAY LOHAN, her mom DINA, and her siblings are doing a new reality show.
The cameras will follow their daily lives and to prove that Lindsay is a legitimate
business woman and not a trouble-making party girl. But there is one person who
will not be invited to the reality show and that's her father MICHAEL.

Well in 2011 somebody is going to leave the BLACK EYED PEAS and it looks like
FERGIE. From what I heard she and WILL.I.AM cannot get along, well Fergs is
better off by herself anyway since she made the group what it is.

Well lastly here's the latest on the MEL GIBSON and OKSANA GRIGORIEVA baby
LUCIA custody drama. Oksana accuses Mel for not giving child support to 9 month old
Lucia. Oksana even relies on friends and family, and even "CREDIT CARDS" to take
care of baby Lucia, can you imagine the credit card debt?? Oksana is even seeking
a restraining order against Mel..again I bet his ex-Robyn is doing cartwheels!!!

Well that's all I have for today, and remember that every Sunday I am on
"NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT W/TONY SANTIAGO" from 6p-9pm doing the gossip reports on
www.partyradiousa.net at 6:30pm & 7:30pm with a review of the week's gossip. I
will talk to you kids tomorrow!!

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