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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues July 20th
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BRITNEY SPEARS has all the fame & fortune she needs but
she's going to make damn sure that her sons JAYDEN JAMES &
SEAN PRESTON are not going to be in the showbiz spotlight.
She told Cosmopolitan (August Issue) that one or both of her boys
said that he wanted to be in show business she would lock them in
their bedroom until they are 30. She even says she dreads when the boys
ask her about "sex"(she should tell her younger sis JAIME LYNN to talk to
the boys about not humping around at 15 without a condom.) But Brits
and the boys have been spending a lot of time together and the boys are
even taking a karate class, "HI-YA!!!"

SANDRA BULLOCK has once again filed a restraining order against THOMAS
JAMES WELDON who has stalked her since 2003. Tom checked himself into
a psychiatric facility in Tennessee and Sandra later sued the state because
they didn't notify her that he was released in 2006. So she filed another
restraining order against Thomas and the hearing is for August 6th.

"THE SITUATION" has signed for a third season of "JERSEY SHORE" and hopefully
"SNOOKI" and the rest of the cast will too. Season 1 they were getting $5,000, then in
Season 2 it was $10,000. Now come this 3rd season they mostly likely will receive $30,000
per episode when they sign their contract very soon (I believe they are suppose to sign
today and you know that the 2nd season premieres next week.)

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has a dream to play a TV Heroine: "WONDER WOMAN".
Jen admits she has an obsession with the Amazonian Princess and thinks that she
would be perfect for the role. There was a rumor that is now not true that she was
going to be the new "BACHELORETTE". But Jen said she would have turned it
down anyway.

PARIS HILTON is pissed-off because a paparazzo has taken a picture of her
sunbathing topless in Italy. She was vacationing in Sardinia in a luxury yacht
when the guy took her pics which she labeled him a "perv" in her Twitter account.

I always love to say the best and juiciest story for last, MEL GIBSON had offered
OKSANA GRIGORIEVA a house and money for child support for baby LUCIA that
totals over $15 Million Dollars. They reached the agreement but all Oksana had to do
was release him ranting on the phone messages. But Oksana has now changed her
mind because she felt "coerced" into giving the blackmail tapes and she has not taken
the bribe money and the tapes are still in her possession. I have a feeling this is about
to get seriously ugly.

Well that's all for today kids you can listen to me on www.partyradiousa.net on Sundays
at 6:30pm & 7:30pm Sundays. I'm on a great show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT
W/TONY SANTIAGO" Sundays from 6pm-9pm with a re-broadcast from 4pm-7pm
on Fridays. I will talk to you all again tomorrow!!!

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