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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed July 21st
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Remember some months ago I told you that JENNY MCCARTHY
may replace OPRAH WINFREY'S time slot for her own talk show, well
that's not going to happen. Jenny thought that doing work for a talk show
would be only a few hours a day but building a talk show is a 24/7 deal and
she just wasn't feeling that.

Do you know who DR. ROSS SHELDEN is? Well I am going to tell you. He's
a dentist that examined OKSANA GRIGORIEVA'S teeth (you remember her teeth
were all f**ed up a few months ago.) Well Dr. Shelden concluded that it was from
the altercation she had with ex MEL GIBSON in January, as a matter of fact Mel hit
her twice: in the mouth (obviously) and then in the head.

Well this piece of gossip I am going to tell you shouldn't be a surprise, SPENCER
PRATT labels himself as a "FAME WHORE!!" He claims he wants every type of
great press because he's an attention-seeker. While his supposedly ex-wife HEIDI
MONTAG always seem to seek bad press which is why she left Spencer to get some
good press and become a serious actress, probably for some B-Movies!!

If you were at the 40/40 club in Manhattan last Sunday you saw CAMERON DIAZ
& ALEX RODRIGUEZ of The New York Yankees at C.C. Sabathia's 30 Birthday Bash.
Now for two people that are supposedly dating and hot for each other they arrived
to the party separately and maintained their distance, but from what I heard from a
distance they couldn't keep their eyes off each other the entire night.

So did you hear that ICE-T of Law & Order: SUV was arrested here in the city yesterday
but it was harmless because he was in his car with his bulldog and wasn't wearing his
seatbelt. He was taken to the 10th precinct in Chelsea but was later released. T was taking
his little bulldog to the vet to have knee surgery.

Well yesterday morning at 8:48am LINDSAY LOHAN surrendered to L.A. authorities to
serve her 3 month jail sentence for violating probation for a 2007 DUI arrest and failing
to attend a court-ordered alcohol education classes. She will be staying at the Lynwood
Correctional Facility where DARYL HANNAH, NICOLE RICHIE and even PARIS HILTON
stayed in 2007 (and even had a nervous diva breakdown during her stay.) Lindsay looked
frightened when she got her sentence but she was cuffed and led away, her father
MICHAEL was in the courtroom screaming, "I LOVE YOU LINDSAY!" Now should she
behave herself in jail then her 3 month sentence can be reduced only to 2 weeks.

ALI LARTER of "Heroes" has something special coming this winter, she and her husband
HAYES MACARTHUR are going to have a baby! They were married in Maine last year
in August and they said that when they got hitched they wanted to start a family right
away. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Larter-MacArthur.

Well that's it for today kids and I will have new gossip for you tomorrow, you can even
listen to me live on Sundays on www.partyradiousa.net at 6:30pm & 7:30pm on
"NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT W/TONY SANTIAGO!" Sundays from 6pm-9pm with a
re-broadcast on Friday from 4pm-7pm. I will give you a week's review of all the hot
gossip headlines...talk to you tomorrow!!! :)

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