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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur July 22nd
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I found out something about the late CHRISTOPHER REEVE that I
could not believe or will you when you hear this story. A man named
CAL CULVER claims he had sexual realtions with "Superman" in this
book called "HOLLYWOOD BABYLON STRIKES AGAIN." The interview
Cal did was in 1987 and was recently found in the lost tapes, by the way Cal
was a gay pornstar named "Casey Donovan" back in the day and died of an
AIDS-related illness. Cal and Christopher met at an audition for a Broadway
Play in the 1970s and they hooked up what was to be a two month affair, Cal
even said that Chris wasn't gay but bi-curious, and boasts about what a great
lover he was.

Happy 18th Birthday to SELENA GOMEZ who becomes legal today and I was so
shocked to hear that when the fourth season of: "WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE"
ends she's going to quit the show, but she's going to do a movie that will kind of tie
up loose ends, she even is going to be on tour..I even found out that she will perform
at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, look online.

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has been recovering from a double mastectomy but she
got some great news, she's going to become a mommy. She and her fiance MARTYN
LENOBLE(whose a Dutch bass player) are very grateful for the news and he's been a real
rock to her during her bout with breast cancer.

Did you hear that an unknown buyer that bought RUSSELL & KIMORA LEE SIMMONS
home in Saddle River, New Jersey for $14 Million Dollars. The mansion is 35,000 sq.
ft. with an indoor & outdoor pool, whoever the buyer was got one hell of a bargain because
the house was originally to be sold at $24 Million.

JON VOIGHT was very proud of his daughter ANGELINA JOLIE during the Monday night
red carpet premiere of "SALT" in Hollywood. Jon will be in Texas to film a new television
show that will be on Fox September 20th called "LONE-STAR" and he will miss his daughter
and grandchildren while he's filming in Texas, so he's going to keep in contact with them
via SKYPE and I can tell you that I have SKYPE and it is the best!!! By the way Angie's movie, "SALT" premieres in theaters tomorrow.

That's all for today kids remember that you can listen to me on Sundays at 6:30pm & 7:30pm on "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT W/TONY SANTIAGO" from 6pm-9pm Sunday's on www.partyradiousa.net where you will hear all the week's review of all my hot Hollywood
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