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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Aug 17th
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I had to start off my gossip with a another "JERSEY SHORE" cast
member getting arrested, "RONNIE MAGRO." Ronnie was arrested Sunday
morning in Seaside Heights, NJ because he had a slew of unpaid parking
tickets. But he went to the Seaside Heights police station where he got the
debts settled and was later released.

It doesn't look like JESSE JAMES and SANDRA BULLOCK will reunite because it
looks like Jesse is dating KAT VON D who used to date MOTLEY CRUE'S NIKKI
SIXX. Kat and Jesse were spotted together having dinner at the Palm Casino Resort's
N9NE in Las Vegas and from what I heard they were holding hands during the meal, but
Kat and Jesse claim they are just "good-friends". By the way, KAt ended her 3 year on-and-off
again realtionship with Nikki just last week.

Did you hear that MEL GIBSON had crashed his 2008 Maserati on a rock hillside in Malibu,
California but he's okay. You know that he is in a very ugly custody battle with ex-girlfriend
OKSANA GRIGORIEVA over baby LUCIA and the cops had thought he was either drunk
or talking on his cell phone but they ruled this as an accident.

MADONNA had turned a young "52" on Saturday and celebrated very low-key in London with
her daughter 14 year old LOURDES. Madge partied with family and friends in a private room
before it moved to the club's rooftop pool, even the menu was mouth-watering: calamari,
crayfish, scallops and quail's eggs. The party ran about $150,000 those must been some
damn good calamari.

BEYONCE still has plans to have a baby with her hubby JAY-Z but it's when she is ready.
Beyonce will turn 29 on September 4th and she tells "YOU" magazine that she wants to
learn about the world and then eventually have a family. Right now before being a mom
she is making sure to have time to be a wife, singer, songwriter, actress, her clothing line,
and for her new fragrance line, "HEAT".

Did you hear MISS TILA TEQUILA is suing festival attackers for hitting her with beer bottles
and hurling firecrackers at her while performing on stage. Tila was in Illinois at the Gathering
of The Juggalos event while she was rapping on-stage. So then someone threw beer bottles
at her and then firecrackers that left her face bloodied and bruised. So Tila is going to take
legal action against the person or persons who attacked her (if she can find them). Police
are right now as I speak (or write) are investigating the incident.

I have to tell you kids about LEVI JOHNSTON and how Hollywood is not being to kind to him
right now. Levi tried to crash the Blackberry Torch launch party on the famous Wilshire
Boulevard but was denied entry. But other celebrities who got into the party were SHENAE
GRIMES of 90210 and was flirting with her ex-"DEGRASSI" co-star "DRAKE", CHRISTINA

Finally, someone in the Real Housewives of New Jersey may be leaving the show: DANIELLE
STAUB. There's talk that Danielle is not certain to participate in Season 3, she's been very
secretive about it but from what I heard she wants to star in her own solo reality show
spin-off. But Dani assures fans fans that next week there will be a fantastic finale and some
"DRAMA" during the 2-part reunion shows on August 30th and September 6th.

Well that's was lot for you guys and I hope you enjoyed it. You can look at my gossip on video
on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) & YOUTUBE (under 73Gossipboy's). Of course
if your sitting at home bored on Sunday Night go on your computer or I-Phone and look up
www.partyradiousa.net and listen to my week's review of gossip at 6:30pm & 7:30pm on a
great show called, "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO!" Sundays from 6pm-9pm
and we re-broadcast on Fridays from 4pm-7pm. Stay tuned tomorrow because you never
know what gossip I will write to you next!!! :-)

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