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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Aug 18th
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If you ask "LAS VEGAS" sexpot MOLLY SIMS who she would give a celebrity
makeover to it would be BRITNEY SPEARS. Molly talks to Health Magazine
that Brits needs a makeover by taking away the boots and tank tops because she
gots too many trends going on at once.

Now PIRANHA 3-D comes out in theaters on Friday August 27th and one of the Piranhas
victims gets his c**k eaten off (gulp and OUCH!) and guess who it is?? JERRY O' CONNELL
fans will see his ripped off jimbroski showered in 3-D when the Piranhas attack him, his
character in the movie is a pornstar-turned-videographer. His co-star KELLY BROOK said
that the Piranhas go after a certain charater's characteristic in the movie, so what she's
saying is Jerry plays a d**k in the movie so that's what the man-eating fishes will go after.

Can you picture "GLEE" becoming a comicbook?? Well the executives at Bluewater Productions
are going to release a 32-page comic called: "FAME: THE CAST OF GLEE!" in November.
The comic will feature CORY MONTEITH and CHRIS COLFER will be getting animated.
Bluewater has released comics from TWILIGHT star ROBERT PATTINSON and LADY GAGA.

Well I kind of figured this was going to happen but I am going to tell the story. Remember I told
you that MONTANA FISHBURNE (daughter of CSI: LAS VEGAS star LAURENCE) had done a
porn movie to get herself into stardom? Well now Larry has disowned his daughter, I heard that
there was a very heated telephone conversation between the two where he told her that she
embarassed him and refuses to have anything to do with her until she's turned her life around.
But Montana was saying he was pissed with her mostly because on the cover of her porn
she used the family name (FISHBURNE) in the explicit movie instead of using a fake stage

Remember about 5 months back when ERYKAH BADU'S music video "WINDOW SEAT"
shows her stripping naked and feigns being shot in the head the same spot that John F.
Kennedy was assinated in Dallas back in 1963. Well a witness filed a complaint and Erykah
paid a fine of $500 and will serve probation for six months. Erykah who is a Dallas native
said the video was "grossly misinterpreted by many."

HEIDI MONTAG is in mourning because her plastic surgery doctor, DR. FRANK RYAN who
gave her 10 cosmetic procedures in one day has been killed in a car crash on Monday.
Frank's jeep crashed down a cliff off the California's Pacific Highway and landed on the rocks
below. Frank has done other famous stars like VINCE NEIL and KISS frontman GENE

JENNY MCCARTHY got a new man by the name of JASON TOOHEY whose a fitness model
(take that Jim Carrey). They have been dating two months and Jenny has even been living
with Jason in Las Vegas, but its only temporarily because her home is in Los Angeles and
its under construction. As a matter a fact I haven't got my hands on the picture of how you
would see how Jenny looks in costume at the Midsummer's Night Dream bash at the Las Vegas's
Palms Casino Resort over the weekend. My girl looked seriously hot that she would turn hell
into the North Pole and you could tell the way Jason is working her ass out and I don't mean
the gym either.

Yesterday I told you that TILA TEQUILA got her face f**ked up from people throwing firecrackers
and beer bottles at her onstage of the "Gathering of the Juggalos" in Illinois. Well another big
star also got cuts in his face in a separate performance on Sunday night: METHOD MAN.
Someone threw a beer can at him during his performance with REDMAN and the accident left
a cut on Method's face. Redman told "Meth" to get off stage so her could take care of his face
but Method being the trooper that he is kept going with the performance..now that is what you call
a trooper!!!

Well that's all I have for today kids you can look at my videos on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta
Simpson) and YOUTUBE (under 73Gossipboy's). Also if you go to www.partyradiousa.net
and listen to me on Sundays at 6:30pm & 7:30pm you can heard a review of all the gossip I
told you about during the week on "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO!" and
he comes on Sundays from 6pm-9pm with a re-broadcast Fridays from 4pm-7pm. I will
talk to you kids tomorrow with even more hot scandalious gossip that only I can give you!!!

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