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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Aug 27th
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I have to start off with a crazy story about TIMBALAND. Now did you know
that his $2 Million Dollar Jacob the Jeweler watch was stolen and he was
distraught, as anyone would be about it. He texted his family and said he
was near a cliff in his Caddy Escalade and was tired of the stress. His
family thought that he was going to kill himself so they called the police.
It was so crazy they use an LAPD helicopter to find Timbs but then said
that he was no threat to himself. Timbs was on RYAN SEACREST and said
he wasn't suicidal but was upset about the watch theft.

Speaking of more drama, it's within the cast of GLEE. Did you know that NAYA
RIVERA (Santana) and MARK SALLING (Puck) were dating. But Mark was
unfaithful so Naya egged and keyed his car. These two should be the stars of

The rumor of MARIAH CAREY and NICK CANNON becoming parents might be true
after all. They are waiting for the right time to tell the world but Mariah was wearing
a brown maternity dress from "A Pea in the Pod". She's been very superstitious
about telling people but when the time is right she and Nick will tell everyone, and
hopefully soon because she's 4 months pregnant from what I am hearing.

MILEY CYRUS is a single gal again because she broke up with her boyfriend
Australian actor LIAM HEMSWORTH. They met each other when they did the movie,
"THE LAST SONG" and at one point they were talking about moving in together into
Miley's mansion that she's going to move into when she turns 18 in November.

Did you hear that SCREAM 4 have added two more big names like: KRISTEN BELL
(I would love to see how he'll get killed) ADAM BRODY, HAYDEN PANETTIERE, RORY
CULKIN, and many more. Of course our beloved Scream regulars, NEVE CAMPBELL,
COURTENEY COX, and DAVID ARQUETTE (Courteney's real-life hubby) will be returning.

You might find this hard to believe but hunky ENRIQUE IGLESIAS wasn't always a ladies
man. He was on a Washington D.C. radio station HOT 99.5FM and admitted that he
couldn't get laid in a whorehouse when he was younger and even being JULIO IGLESIAS
son didn't help either. But the female sex loss is tennis player ANNA KOURNIKOVA'S gain
now that they are in a serious realtionship. But he admits fame is the best aphrodisiac you
can have (and I thought getting ass was the best aphrodisiac).

So CHRIS BROWN is slowly, but surely getting his mojo or mofo back because Tuesday
night he, LIL' JON, IDRIS ELBA (who he stars with in their new movie "TAKERS" coming
out tonight) and DRAKE into a nice eatery "JULIET" in Cheslea where they were bombarded
by many girls. After Juliet they went to Greenhouse where they hung out with WILMER
VALDERRAMA ("Fez" on "THAT 70s SHOW") and 3 of the WAYANS BROS. (MARLON,
SHAWN, and DAMON). Chris then took to the DJ Booth and sang "Deuces" with Jon and

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