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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur Sept 9th
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June, and what kind of brithday party Brandon wanted?? "A RAVE!!" So
they got the place for the rave, the sound system, lights, and Glo-stiks. Of
course a wild rave usually attracts cops and from what I heard Bran's party
got shut down 3 times. But Brandon told his dad, "its the coolest thing that
my party got closed down by the cops!" That boy is getting as wild as his
dad was!

So yesterday NICOLE POLIZZI or "SNOOKI" on "THE JERSEY SHORE" was in
court for distrubing beachgoers in Seaside Heights, New Jersey on July 30th which
she pleaded guilty to. So after the judge called Snooks', a Lindsay Lohan wannabe
she got fined $500 and has to perform community service. Snooks did apologize
to everyone for her antics and the judge even gave her only one day community
service because last week she spent time in a zoo caring for abused animals.

HALLE BERRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ are going to be in a new movie called, "DARK
TIDE". But they were seen in Olivier's hometown of Paris, France and from what I heard
they had a date so "HOT" that "Iceland could melt in Hell!" It was sort of a Hollywood-ish
romantic movie because they toured the city of Pa-ree and was making out althrought
Sunday afternoon. Then they got on Olivier's motorcycle to go over to dine at Casa Bini then
on the way to his Paris apartment they stopped along a narrow street and kissed in a doorway
for about two minutes, now that's a romance in Paris!!

Can DENNIS RODMAN be any wilder??? Listen to what he did at the Hotel Indigo Pool Party
in Hampton Bays. He was making shout-outs on the microphone and then he took 6 girls to
his bedroom, as he was drunk as a skunk, and didn't realize he had his mike in his pocket:
"STILL TURNED ON!" From what I heard if you could hear what he was saying in sexual
details what he was going to do to them. It was so explicit that the organizers and promoters
were just blushing over Dennis mouth that they had to turn the mike off, but Dennis was so
blitzed he didn't know that the microphone was even on.

MARY HART is leaving ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT after nearly 3 decades, but it seems she's
not taking her stepping-down too gracefully. LARA SPENCER whose on ET's rival show,
"THE INSIDER" misspoke on the red carpet saying that she would be Mary's replacement
as host of 'ET'. Mary saw the footage on the monitor then got so damned pissed-off that she
tossed her coffee at the screen which Mary had made an apology for her angry outburst.

I hear that SERENA WILLIAMS and COMMON broke up in May but she's been asking her agents
to arrange a meeting (DATE) with rapper "DRAKE" when he comes to Radio City Music Hall
which will be September 28th & 29th. Drake whose 23 to Serena's 28 said he loves the
experience and maturity of an older woman.

Remember to listen on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH on www.partyradiousa.net from 4pm to 7pm
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