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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Sept 17th
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Boy am I going to have all you of you talking this weekend starting
with this story. Can you picture KIM KARDASHIAN and LADY GAGA as a
blow-up sex doll?? Well a company called "Pipedream Products Inc" which
offers celebrity blow-up dolls. Kim and Gaga have threatened legal action against
the company for making the sex toys based on their looks. Kim's attorney is telling
Pipedream bosses to stop one of the dolls made called "KINKY KIM FILTHY LOVE DOLL"
which the doll is described as a "busty bubble-butt bimbo". Even with Lady Gaga's
attorneys have threatened to sue Pipedream because they had a Gaga-style doll on their

PARIS HILTON has become "SuperGirl" to 20 bunny rabbits. She made a trip to the pet
store and found out that 20 rabbits were left to become snake food. Well Paris was so upset
that she decided to adopt all the rabbits. So when you visit Paris L.A. mansion you will see
20 Rabbits, 17 dogs, cats and exotic birds, I can't even begin to imagine how much Paris must
spend in newspapers, especially when she has more that a dozen rabbits.

Did you hear that Magician DAVID BLAINE is going to have a junior magician next year? Well
the other night at "ASmallWorld.com" rooftop cancer party David told everyone that he and his
finacee French Model ALIZEE GUINOCHET are going to have a child next year, you could even
see a little bit of the baby bump under her layered dress. David excited because he can't wait
to teach his child some magic tricks.

So did you hear that "BRUNO" star comedian SACHA BARON COHEN is going to play the
late and great Queen legend FREDDIE MERCURY. Well the movie will be produced from
ROBERT DENIRO's company Tribeca Productions and will begin shooting next year. It
will be about Freddie's rise to the top of the music charts to his most talked about appearance
at "Live-Aid" in 1985. Freddie died in 1991 froma AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia.

Well you all have a great weekend and remember to listen to www.partyradiousa.net on Sundays
from 6pm-9pm on a show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO". My
most talked about gossip of the week will be on at 6:30pm & 7:30pm. Also look at my videos
on Monday-Friday on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) or on YOUTUBE (under 73

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