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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur Sept 30th
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Hot Couple SEAL & HEIDI KLUM did Seal's video "Secret" and in the video they
are both completely naked as a gift to their 6-year old daughter LENI. They wanted
to do something to be proud of and to celebrate their love, how they met and how they
made their daughter. It's some of that love they hope Leni will have when she's older.

By the way speaking the beautiful HEIDI KLUM, did you hear that after 13 years she quitting
VICTORIA SECRET meaning she won't be walking the runway in November. She said all
good things must come to an end and she's hanging up her wings, now Victoria Secret's
bosses are looking for a new head Angel to replace Heidi.

PARIS HILTON has a new reality show coming out on the Oxygen Network and unlike her previous
reality shows ("THE SIMPLE LIFE" & "PARIS HILTON NEW BFF") she doesn't want to be
portrayed as the ditzy blonde. She wants fans to see the "real" Paris and her life which she
describes as "amazing".

It's looks like KATIE COURIC might be returning to "THE TODAY SHOW" when her contract
expires with "CBS EVENING NEWS" in May 2011. Also MEREDITH VIEIRA is expected to say
"buh-bye" to the Today Show to spend time with her family. Katie was seen talking to Today
producer and CEO of NBC Universal (from what I had heard that he left the position) JEFF
ZUCKER. If she comes back to "Today" she might be taking a huge pay-cut to the $15 Million
Dollars she currently makes now.

DARRYL STRAWBERRY did a noble deed for a lady in trouble. Darryl was headed to the CBS
Studios to tape "THE TIM MCCARVER SHOW", he saw the lady crying over her fare to the cab
driver because she said she left her wallet at home. So Darryl helped the lady out by paying
the angry cab driver $25 Dollars to help out the lady pay her cab fare and Darryl (cool guy that
he is) told her not to sweat it.

Well that's all for today kids and tomorrow is a brand new month with the same ol' gossip. You
can look at my videos on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) & YOUTUBE (under 73Gossip
Boy's). Of course on Sunday at 6:30pm & 7:30pm where I tell you the most talked about stories
of the week on www.partyradiousa.net the show is called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH
TONY SANTIAGO" that is all-new every Sunday at 6pm-9pm. We also re-broadcast the Sunday
show on Fridays also from 4pm-7pm.

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