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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Oct 6th, 2010
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VANITY FAIR recently did a poll of which female celebrity was named, "Most
eligible single woman in the world". No surprise that #1 was JENNIFER ANISTON,
HALLE BERRY was #2 (but lately she's been seen with actor OLIVIER MARTINEZ).
Other Bachelorettes were ELIN NORDEGREN (TIGER WOODS ex-wife), LADY GAGA,
and would you believe even "BETTY WHITE" made out the top five.

If you were fortunate to be at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday Night, JAKE GYLLENHAAL
was talking to mostly a female audience and admitted that in five of his movies that he mostly
masturbated (look at a scene he did in "JARHEAD"). Also in attendance was singer JAMES
TAYLOR, who was a "BIG" drug-user said that he thought about becoming a chemist even
though he dabbled in that.

RACHEL MCADAMS has a new man in her life and its MICHAEL SHEEN. They met at Sheen's
party for "Beautiful Boy" and since then the new couple have been all over Toronto holding
hands and seem to be very smitten with each other. Rachel who recently did the cover of "Vouge"
has spent the summer filming Woody Allen's upcoming film, "MIDNIGHT IN PARIS".

New York has two residents and that's KIM and KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. They're filming their
new show "KIM & KOURTNEY TAKE NEW YORK" and since Kim has split with MILES AUSTIN
Kim's friends have been trying to play matchmaker. Kim said she hates the first date and meeting
new people thing. Well their coming out with a new clothing store called "DASH" and they are
excited for a new change of scenery. The series will debut in January of 2011.

I hear that the romance is getting very "hot" and serious between JOE JONAS & ASHLEY
GREENE since they got together in July. Joe hasn't really been much in love at all until he met
Ashley because she's really down-to-earth. But here something else interesting I should tell
you, Joe & Ashley's relationship has gotten really "horizontal" because he was spotted not
wearing his "purity" ring (which the ring is worn if a person decides to have sex after marriage.)
Who knows if the "purity" ring could be replaced with a "wedding" ring in the near future.

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