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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Fri Oct 8th, 2010
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So i have to start the beginning of the Columbus Day Weekend with TAYLOR SWIFT
dating a male model that she picked to star in her latest video. Taylor's new album is called
"SPEAK NOW" and the man that she picked to star with her in the video is named BRYAN
LILLIS. What was so cute is that Taylor acted shy and nervous around Bryan but after they
finished shooting teh video at an L.A. High School they started talking and flirting non-stop.
After they exchanged numbers they called each other non-stop and now they are scheduling a
dinner at a nice quiet, intimate spot.

Yesterday SIMON COWELL turned 51 and he got some very nice birthday presents, most
noticeably a seriously "HOT" black Ferrari and he got serenaded by a troop of musical dwarves.
You know we thought he was a jackass on "AMERICAN IDOL" but recently he helped a young
cancer patient with a dream trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD with a luxury flight and hotel fees
paid for and she even gets to swim with the dolphins.

You know SEAN PENN has a charity called: "J/P HAITIAN RELIEF ORGANIZATION" which will
rebuild infrastructure around Haiti when it was destroyed in January's massive earthquake. Well
former PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON is supporting Sean's work by giving him $500,000 to help
Petionville, Haiti to help the 55,000 people with education, health care, and job training services
until families are able to move into permanet homes.

I told you that NBC is planning a "MUNSTERS" remake and of course you remember Marilyn
(the odd-looking, but hot one, in the family.) Well KRISTEN BELL might be playing the beautiful
character in the remake. BILL FULLER who actually hired Kristen to play "VERONICA MARS"
would love to re-team with her in this upcoming remake.

RYAN PHILLIPE has a new lady in his life and its ANGEL MCCORD, if she sounds familiar she's
ANNA'S (NAOMI'S: 90210) big sister. Ryan and Angel met at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los
Angeles and they are "cozy" but not "serious". yet!!!

Have a great Columbus Day Weekend and you can look at my videos on FACEBOOK (under
Kenyatta Simpson) & YOUTUBE (under 73GossipBoy's). On Sunday listen to me on your
computer at www.partyradiousa.net where I will give my most talked about gossip of the week
on "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO" Sundays from 6pm-9pm, and my
gossip segment comes on at 6:30pm & 7:30pm, and if you miss Sundays then listen to the
rebroadcast Fridays from 4pm-7pm.

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