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Kenyatta The Gossip Girl Wed Oct 13th, 2010
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I had to start off today with some "BIG" news, COURTENEY
COX and DAVID ARQUETTE have separated, due to rough
patches in their marriage. They feel that this separation will
be understanding themselves and a partner's qualities they
need in a marriage. They been together 14 years but married
for 11 years and have a cute 6 year old daughter named COCO
which they will remain responsible parents to Coco. But they
still love each other deeply and will remain best friends.

JUSTIN BIEBER has his own line of nail polish coming out called,
"ONE LESS LONELY GIRL". The polish is said to be of "glittery
varnish" that will be available through SEARS, ULTA, & TARGET
just in time for the Christmas Holidays. "Justin and Nail-Polish??"

If you saw EMINEM on "60 MINUTES" he said that he will
never reconcile with his father MARSHALL MATHERS II because
he walked out on "EM" and his mother DEBBIE when he was
just 2 years old. In 2003 Marshall II made a plea to reconcile
with Eminem through the press (meaning that dad was looking
for cash). But Eminem has no interest in talking to his father
again because he has no excuse of abandoning his own child.

Remember when KIM KARDASHIAN posed nude for "Playboy"
in 2007, well she's stripped nude again and this time in the
November issue of "W" magazine's cover. Even though she
was sorry about Playboy she had the "Kardashian" family support when they told her to go for it.

I got a scandalous story to tell you about MELISSA ETHERIDGE. Melissa and her now ex-partner TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS were together for 9 years and they have twins
JOHNNIE ROSE & MILLER STEVEN. Melissa hasn't paid child
support or spousal support because when Tammy went to
get cash to buy food for her and the twins, the bank
account had no money in it. Come to find out that Melissa
has not paid Tammy not one red penny and left Tammy
completely broke.

The celebrity splits just keep on coming: Now after 5 years of
separated as well. As a matter of fact they've been
separated for a good six months now. They have a 2 year old
son MAX (so obviously we are talking shared custody) but they
been living apart and still say they are in love but more as
friends than as husband and wife.

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