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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl "ELECTION DAY: GO VOTE!!"
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Remember I told you last week that MARIAH CAREY has a holiday CD coming out
called "Merry Christmas to You". Well check out ABC on Monday December 13th at
9pm because she's appearing in a holiday special called "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO
YOU" at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles. She will perform some
excerpts from her CD and the show will also feature granting her fans some special

TAYLOR SWIFT is working with Elizabeth Arden to come out with a new fragrance (Taylor's
very first). Taylor will have a "HUGE" part in the fragrance from the packaging to its advertising.

Just a week ago that CHARLIE SHEEN went nuts at the "New York Plaza Hotel" now he filed for
divorce after 2 years of marriage to BROOKE MUELLER, they also had twin boys together.

Today you will see RICKY MARTIN on "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW" and he talks about coming
out in March. Now he admitted that he was numb, then relieved, then when he was in his studio
his assistant walked-in and Ricky just cried his eyes out. But since Ricky's a father (via surrogate)
to his 2 year old twin sons (Valentino & Matteo) was his reason to no longer deny his sexuality.
But when he held the boys he said to himself, "Am I gonna teach them how to lie", and that's when
Ricky decided to tell the world that he is gay. Watch the Ricky Martin interview on The Oprah
Winfrey Show today on ABC.

Could RYAN PHILLIPE & AMANDA SEYFRIED be an item??? Well on Saturday at KATE
HUDSON'S Halloween bash at her Pacific Palisades home, Ryan and Amanda were talking and
Ryan was following Amanda around the party all-night. Then after while they left the party in Ryan's
car. By the way, they were in Halloween costumes, Amanda wore a dog costume while Ryan
wore the Obi-Wan Kenobi outfit from Star Wars.

Due to recent claims that ASHTON KUTCHER has been cheating on DEMI MOORE, last
Thursday night they were spotted at the Taqueria Cascabel on the Upper East Side having a
romantic meal. They had tacos, frescas, and guacamole and they looked to be very happy.
Well that's on the outside but you never know what's going on the inside.

You can also look at my gossip videos everyday on FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta Simpson) or
YOUTUBE (under 73GossipBoy's). Sundays at 6:30pm & 7:30pm listen to my most talked
about gossip reports of the week on www.partyradiousa.net on a show called "NEW MUSIC
SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO" and he's on Sundays from 6pm-9pm.

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