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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Nov 17th, 2010
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Did you hear about a New York Actress named ALEX STEBBINS who claimed that LADY
GAGA stole her boyfriend LUC CARL, but what's weird is that Lady Gaga had dated Luc
before. But Alex and Luc had dated for a year before Gaga re-entered his life. But from what
I heard within 3 months of the new relationship Gaga kept texting and calling Luc but he just
ignored her calls because Gaga always nagged him about everything. Alex said that Gaga was
the problem of their perfect relationship. So when Luc took Alex on a Las Vegas trip last June
when they returned Luc confessed that Gaga showed up at his Carroll Gardens apartment in
Brooklyn and begged him to come back to her and he agreed. Alex felt she couldn't compete
with Gaga and the realtionship was over. Alex said to rub more salt in the wound you remember
when Gaga was at the Mets game and stripped down to her underwear and gave the finger, well
Luc was sitting right next to her and when Alex saw the photos it just made her sick.

Guess whose engaged: NICK LACHEY & his long-time girlfriend VANESSA MINNILLO. They been
together 4 years right after Nick divorced JESSICA SIMPSON. I hear that the ring Nick gave
Vanessa totaled $125,000.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has a new man in her life but she's unscesfully trying to keep it under wraps.
The guy she's dating is MATTHEW D. RUTLER who is a set designer on her new movie coming
out next week Wednesday the 24th called "BURLESQUE". They enjoyed a double date with JOEL
MADDEN & NICOLE RICHIE at the Soho House in Los Angeles. At first, Chrissy and Matt became
friends and it turned into something more. But it's not really serious even though she needed to turn
to someone when she was having problems with ex-husband JORDAN BRATMAN.

Did you hear about MICHAEL LOHAN has another arrest warrant issued but this time from a
child-support case in Montana. The woman (who is nameless) claims that Mike is her baby's
daddy and hasn't paid a dime for child support. Now Mike wasn't sure why the arrest warrant
was issued but he said that he paid for the first payment but was late for the second payment
which explains why the arrest warrant was issued.

Did you hear that the KARDASHIAN SISTERS were at Pacha in New York and got $25,000, but
now the club wants every penny back. The sisters were suppose to stay for three hours to
launch the pre-paid "Master Card", well the girls stayed only 45 minutes then left but the
promoters were mad so the sisters returned and stayed an hour extra. The club said the
girls didn't fill out their contractual obligations to be there the full three hours. But a rep for
the girls said they did the press and the meet-and-greets like they were asked to, it was a
miscommunication between the club and Master Card.

Now are you ready for this, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star TERESA GIUDICE is going
to be at the Learning Annex in New York January 10th, 2011. If you have $45 she can teach
you how to have the finer things in life. Like having your own business, starting a reality show,
or changing careers. This is a start to help her an her husband JOE's $11 Million Dollar Debt.

I told you that NICK LACHEY & VANESSA MINNILLO are engaged but everyone's wondering
what does JESSICA SIMPSON have to say about that, "she's extremely happy for him". But
just 3 days after the news broke Jessica got engaged to her boyfriend of 6 months former
NFL player ERIC JOHNSON. Jess had a very "BIG" engagement ring on her finger when
she appeared at Dillard's in the Oak Park Mall in Kansas City. Her family is happy but from
what I heard her friends are not because they don't trust Eric because he's using her to get
into the spotlight. I am sure that he loves all $100 Million Dollars worth of Jessica. Jessica, I
have three words for you"'PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT!!!"

WHITNEY HOUSTON & RAY J dating again???? Well Whits has sparked her romance with Ray
J again and were spotted at the Captial Grille restaurant in Atlanta Georgia being very cozy from
what I hear. Remember about 3 years ago when Whitney divorced BOBBY BROWN she started
dating Ray J and it was once alleged that they ended things last year, well it's back on again.

Since MEL GIBSON got the ax in "Hangover 2" the producers have got someone else really
"BIG" besides LIAM NEESON, try former PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON. Clinton will play himself
talking to the people of Bangkok Thailand about clean energy. The film stars BRADLEY COOPER
and they are currently filming in Thailand as we speak.

NE-YO's new album "Libra Scale" is coming out this Monday the 22nd from Def Jam Recordings.
But guess what else, he's just became a daddy to a baby girl last Friday. Ne-Yo's girlfriend
MONYETTA SHAW gave birth Friday in an Atlanta hospital while Ne-Yo was at a charity event
for his foundation. He rushed to the hosptial just in time to witness the birth, the baby came
early because it was due in January.

RIHANNA was in New York this past weekend and was in front of her hotel, so three little girls
wanted to take a picture with Rihanna and Ri-Ri happily obliged but if you saw her necklace it had
an obscene word that was "f**k", you think the girls might have saw it, not to mention the parents.
But some great news to tell you about Rihanna's "What's My Name?" album topped KE$HA on
the Billboard's Hot Top 100 pop charts.

Look out "The Situation" & "Pauly D" the ladies are into new "Jersey Hunks", ALBIE &
CHRISTOPHER MANZO (That's CAROLINE MANZO'S sons, she's "The Real Housewive
of New Jersey.") The boys were at the grand opening of the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken
and not even when they stepped their toes in the door they were bombared by female fans. It
got so crazy that they had security walk them to their private area in the back, where they weren't
fazed by the attention.

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