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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Nov 24th, 2010
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So guess who GABRIEL AUBRY (HALLE BERRY's ex) is dating: KIM
KARDASHIAN. The newest couple were spotted at a Lakers Game in Los
Angeles and have been out together a few times. Gabe was spotted at Kim's
home and they were together Sunday at the L.A. Lakers game and it was the
first time they were really seen in public together.

Our little DAVID ARQUETTE is a party animal, he was spotted in Miami at club
LIV at the Fontainebleau. David was "wildin'-out" he was dancing on tables playing
the trombone then at 6am he left with a hot brunette and the next day they were spotted
together at the poolside. Then Sunday night he went to club Arkadia and bought 3
bottles of champagne for a table of girls and then partied with LIL WAYNE till the late hours.
He's handling his break-up with COURTENEY COX rather well isn't he???

HULK HOGAN's ex-wife LINDA is p.o. over last week's A&E special on Hulk. Linda said in
the 24 years they were married he's never apologized over his infidelity that destroyed their
family. Linda has a book coming out in Summer of 2011 called, "WRESTLING THE HULK:
MY LIFE ON THE ROPES." In the book she's going to talk about marriage and all his lies, how
he was a big icon and she was a little person in his life. But Hulk comes back to say about
Linda, "he can no longer respond to the bitterness and the lies he's dealt with for 23 years."

While JESSICA SIMPSON & ERIC JOHNSON are newly engaged they are waiting for a date to
get married and are "DEFINITELY" waiting to have babies...at least for now. They haven't
really talked about the kind of wedding they'll have but they're really happy their engaged. Why
do I have a feeling that this engagement will be long, for the wrong reason, and they won't walk
down the aisle???

Finally kids I have to tell you about SHERYL CROW. Did you know that she put up her
Tennessee home for $7.5 Million Dollars and since she can't find a buyer, the home is now being
put up for auction. The property that Sheryl had for six years boasts of having five bedrooms &
seven bathrooms. Sheryl going to lose some serious money because so far in the auction a
bid of $1.1 Million Dollars is being offered...which means Sheryl will lose about $6 Million Dollars.

Well kids I am going to be stuffing myself with Thanksgiving Turkey but I will be back on Monday
November 29th but until then look at some of my videos on FACEBOOK (Under Kenyatta Simpson)
and YOUTUBE (Under 73GossipBoy's). Every Sunday (expect this Sunday, I will be in a 'Turkey'
coma) you can listen to my week's review of gossip at 6:30pm & 7:30pm on
www.partyradiousa.net on a show called "NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT WITH TONY SANTIAGO"
Sunday nights at 6pm-9pm. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be thankful for
what you have now!!! :-)

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