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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Jan 24th, 2011
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Today may be a "frigid" day but I am going to give
you something "blazing" HOT!!!: "MY GOSSIP!!!"
Starting off with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER who has
announced he's going back to the big-screen. The
California governor is reading a film script called, "WITH
WINGS AS EAGLES" playing a sympathetic Nazi.

ANNE HATHAWAY who will be co-hosting the Oscars
with JAMES FRANCO just got a role in the "BATMAN"
film: "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" and guess whose
she's playing, "CATWOMAN". She beat out RACHEL
CHRISTIAN BALE will reprise his "Batman" role and TOM
HARDY will play the villain BANE (Tom's going to start
riding the "steroid-pony".

Since JOE MANGANIELLO ("TRUE BLOOD") have broken
many hearts since he's going to marry fiancee AUDRA MARIE
and he said at the PGA Awards in Beverly Hills that he will
invite the entire cast of "T.B." to his upcoming wedding.
Joe plays a hunky werewolf named Alcide Herveaux.

At first JESSE JAMES & KAT VON D said they were dating,
then told the media they are "friends-only", and guess
what? "They're engaged". Now seeing that Jesse lives
in Austin, Texas and Kat lives in Los Angeles she said having
2 places we call home is good for now and in the end,
home is where the heart is and her hearts' with him. As
for Jesse he said she's an amazing woman who stood
behind me when the world turned their backs, and being
married and growing old with her will be a f**kin blast.

Friday my sweetheart NICKI MINAJ was at the Dorchester
Hotel in England and it got so crazy with Nicki's fans that
she was kicked out of the hotel. Nicki is on a promotional
tour in Europe so she then checked into nearby Landmark
Hotel. But this wasn't her only setback because the night
before she had to cancel an appearance at club "Runway"
because a fight broke out at the venue.

Did you hear that KATE MOSS bought a $12 Million Dollar
home in North London. With the help of her friend "JUDE
LAW" she bought the seven-bedroom home with wine
cellar and is just steps from JUDE LAW & SIENNA MILLER.
Kate was fed up with the trendy Primrose Hill area and
decided to move to North with boyfriend JAMIE HINCE and
her 8 year old daughter LILA to start a family, Kate feels
this will be a fantastic family home.

When CAMERON DIAZ appeared on "Lopez Tonight" and
made "a shocking revelation", while she and SNOOP DOGG
went to high school together she bought some "weed"
from Snoop. She and Snoop went to the Long Beach
Polytechnic in California together and claimed she bought
"the trees" from him.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL & TAYLOR SWIFT maybe back on again
because last week they were spotted together in
Nashville. Jake ended their two-month romance but I
guess he missed Taylor.

There's a new MTV TV show called "SKINS" depicted from
the original British hit, which is about young teens doing
alcohol, drugs, and sex. The U.S. Family Organization have
urged federal agents to investigate that the underage
actors and actresses are as young as 15 years old doing
"adult" sex scenes. The organization wrote to the U.S.
Department of Justice saying they counted 42 depictions
and references to drugs and alcohol in the premiere
episode that came on last week Monday. MTV Executives
have already met to discuss the issue and I even heard
that "Taco Bell" pulled their ads from promoting the show
because of the sexually-charged episodes.

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