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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Jan 25th, 2011
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Before you start reading here's a video of yours truly
on Friday January 21st edition of "PRIME TIME'S: WHAT

Remember last week when I told you that "Reeeege"
but never said he was retiring (Regis in August will turn
80). Well here's what I found out, he's walking off the
show due to a contract dispute, and Regis who makes
about an impressive $19 Million Dollars, was asked to take
"a pay-cut".

So you heard about JIM CARREY dating "America's Next
Top Model" ANCHAL JOSEPH. Well the other night they
stepped out together to see Laura Linney's play, "Time
Stands Still" in Manhattan. Jim called the theater to make
sure to have top-notch security so no one would approach
him for pictures.

Is KIM KARDASHIAN hinting that she wants a baby with
New Jersey Net KRIS HUMPHRIES?? Well Kim was
"tweeting" a childhood photo of Kris and said, "she wants
her son to look like this!!" Kris and Kim having only been
dating a month.

I hope you saw "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW" yesterday
where Mother O mentioned that she found out she has a
half-sister named PATRICIA 3 months ago. Pat was born
in 1963 when Oprah was 9 and living with her dad in
Tennessee, Oprah's mother VERNITA was pregnant with
Patricia but gave her up for adoption. On Thanksgiving Day
Oprah traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin just 90 minutes
away from her mother and Patricia was there waiting.

You all remember EMMA BUNTON ("Baby Spice") of the
Spice Girls? Well after 11 years with her boyfriend JADE
JONES they are getting married. What's even more
wonderful news is that they are expecting their 2nd child
in May, they have a 3 year old son named BEAU. Congrats
Emma, "our little Baby Spice" is getting married".

The NICKI MINAJ London adventure continues and so far its
been a nightmare. She got kicked out of the Dorchester
Hotel, then had a club appearance canceled, and now just
Sunday night she got in trouble with the Buckingham Palace
Police for loitering by the gates. Nicki and her entourage
were touring late-night to see London. They saw the
London Eye, Big Ben, and then the House of Parliament, so
then they decided to head to QUEEN ELIZABETH II
Buckingham Palace Home. The Palace Police had told Nicki
and her friends to leave after they took photographs in a
strict "no stopping zone". So then She turned to the
paparazzi nearby for help, who then showed her a different
angle to take pictures of the Buckingham Palace.

There is some serious drama between comedian and author
STEVE HARVEY and his ex-wife MARY. Over the weekend
Mary made some videos on YouTube talking about how Steve
cheated while they were married, who then took custody of
their son, and left her penniless. Mary and Steve divorced
in 2005 and two years later Steve wrote books about
relationships, Mary even said that Steve married his mistress
MARJORIE BRIDGES. Mary said Steve is suing her in Texas
and blames her because Oprah turned him down for a TV
show, Mary can't put everything behind her because her
name keeps coming up in the media. Steve's attorney says,
"it sad that she's resorting to devious behavior with a
reckless disregard for their minor son, her adult son, and
Steve's other children". This will get "UGLY" kids!!!

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