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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Jan 31st, 2011
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Here we are the last day of January and I have so much to tell
you about and lets start with CHARLIE SHEEN. Now Charlie had
stomach pains in which he had to go to the Cedars-Sinai Hospital
in L.A. where the doctors confirmed it was a "hernia". The next
day Charlie entered rehab for unspecified issues (meaning problems
with alcohol and drugs). Now tomorrow he was suppose to return to
the filming of his sitcom, "TWO-AND-A HALF MEN" but the
producers of the show is putting the production on hiatus until
Charlie gets well.

My old co-worker and lifelong friend the multi-fabulous RUPAUL has
a beef to pick with GLAAD because his show "RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE"
on LOGO was dissed for a nomination for a media award. From what I
heard the reason of the snub because they stereotype the gay
community (well D-UH!!!!) But a rep of GLAAD said that no one from
Ru's Drag Race contacted them for nominations.

While Charlie Sheen is in rehab, yesterday DAVID ARQUETTE left rehab.
For a month David was in rehab for alcohol and other issues, of course you
know that COURTENEY COX separated from David in October after 11 years
of marriage. But he's in great spirits from leaving rehab and is ready to move

So did you hear about "MY NAME IS EARL" star JAIME PRESSLY is getting
divorced. She and her husband of almost 2 years SIMRAN SINGH have
divorced because of irreconcilable differences and Jaime is seeking to
deny Simran (whose a Beverly Hills attorney) any spousal support.

"SUPERMAN" is flying back to theaters December 2012 and will be directed
by Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen). I'll bet your wondering who will
become the new "man of steel": it will be HENRY CAVILL ("THE TUDORS").
This will be the first Superman they've cast that is from Britain and Zack
said Henry is the perfect choice to don the cape and "S" shield.

Can you believe that "JAMES BOND" is turning 50 next year. There is talk
from MGM bosses to have an event of all the Bonds: ROGER MOORE,
TIMOTHY DALTON, GEORGE LAZENBY (who only did one movie) and
PIERCE BROSNAN to talk about their experiences playing the role of
the sexy British spy. But the man and the legend who started it all SEAN
CONNERY (DR. NO in 1962) has declined the invitation to take part of the
50th JB anniversary. By the way, the current Bond: DANIEL CRAIG is
coming back next year in his 3rd outing of Bond which will coincide with the
50th anniversary of Bond. The expected release of the 23rd Bond film is set
for November 9th, 2012.

Remember if you want to see my video gossip everyday for a taste of what
I am going to tell you, you can either look at FACEBOOK (under Kenyatta
Simpson) or YOUTUBE (under 73GossipBoy's).


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