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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Feb 15th, 2011
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You know that I have never been a fan of "THE NEW
YORK TIMES" and when you hear this story about what
they did to WHOOPI GOLDBERG, hopefully you won't
be either. There was an article about the lack of racial
diversity among this year's Academy Award nominees
and Whoopi didn't even see her name in the article.
Whoopi won the Oscar for "GHOST" in 1991 and it wasn't
even mentioned in the article, which understandably hurt
Whoopi's feelings which she talked about on yesterday's
edition of "THE VIEW". She let the NY Times critics have
it for their poor research. There was mention of other
African-American winners like MORGAN FREEMAN, HALLE
BERRY, and DENZEL WASHINGTON. Whoopi lets the
Times' critics know that "she was not only an Academy
Award Winner", which she took out to show the audience
but she's made over 50 films, been nominated twice, once
for "COLOR PURPLE" and once for "GHOST" which she won
the Oscar for "Ghost". But to hell with those "dumb-assed"
critics Whoopi, you are an amazing and inspirational talent
that can never dare be replaced.

VICTORIA BECKHAM may have the most exciting dress
design of her life: "Princess-to-be KATE MIDDLETON".
Vicki has been asked to send her collection to Kate for her
upcoming public role as a member of the royal family when
she weds PRINCE WILLIAM this April. Kate likes Victoria's
clothing design and has asked to see a selection. Vicki
called Kate a beautiful girl with a wonderful figure and can
wear clothes beautifully.

Have I got a story to tell you about what ERIC JOHNSON
wants from his fiancee JESSICA SIMPSON or he will "leave
her": "He wants Jessica to go on a Diet". Now Jess weighs
about 150 pounds which is from fried foods, Mexican Food,
and margaritas. Eric says he's in good shape but Jessica
is letting herself go and that her weight gain is causing
problems in their relationship.

Well Sunday's 53rd Annual Grammy Awards pulled in its
biggest ratings since 2000. In its 210 minute broadcast
pulled in nearly 27 Million viewers most noticeably in the age
group of 18 to 49 years old. But 60 MINUTES did pretty
d**n good to before the Grammys because ANDERSON
COOPER'S interview with LADY GAGA drew over 12
Million Viewers.

So did you hear that MILEY CYRUS is giving up her acting
career but is returning to her musical roots. She's done
many movies like "THE LAST SONG with her
ex-boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH, and her upcoming movies
KELLY OSBOURNE. Miley said she's now done with acting
(for right now) and is coming back to her music for what
promises to be a massive tour.

Remember TONYA HARDING? She won the U.S. Figure
Skating Championships in 1991 but 3 years later her ex-
husband hired another man to injure her competition
NANCY KERRIGAN which cause Nancy to withdraw from the
national championship in 1994. Tonya, to make a long
story short was banned from amateur skating. Now Tonya
lives in Southwest Washington with her new husband
JOSEPH PRICE and is about to have a baby boy any day
now, she claims she's very happy.

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