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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Feb 16th, 2011
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DAVID BECKHAM has some sad news coming to him,
the judge had dropped David's lawsuit about IRMA NICI'S
story in IN TOUCH that she slept with David Beckham,
David sued In Touch for $25 Million Dollars in damages.
Monday U.S. District Judge MANUEL REAL ruled that David's
attorneys failed to produce evidence that "In Touch" editors
published the story with malice. "In Touch" lawyer ELIZABETH
MCNAMARA told the court the editors did everything possible
to corroborate details from call girl Irma's expose. Now David's
attorney RICHARD B. KENDALL had vowed to appeal the ruling,
saying that when the alleged trysts with Irma occurred that
David was visiting his ill father.

Did you hear about "THE ROCK" is returning to WWE?? Well
Monday night Rock returned to WWE RAW to make the
announcement that his hosting WRESTLEMANIA 27 in Atlanta
on April 3rd. Rock (aka DWAYNE JOHNSON) left wrestling 7
years ago to pursue a career in film ("The Mummy Returns"
and "Race to Witch Mountain"). Now will that mean that he
will return to the ring, I think fans are hoping, "That they can
smell what "THE ROCK" is cooking". Here's the video:

So did you hear that RIHANNA is getting sued by DAVID
LACHAPELLE because he claimed that she used 8 of his photos
in the video without his consent. LaChapelle said if you make a
David LaChapelle music video you should hire David LaChapelle.
He's directed other music videos like: CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S
"RICH GIRL". No word on how much in damages that LaChapelle
seeks have been specified.

Well it should be no surprise that in a poll of greatest gay icon
of all-time the winner is: "BRITNEY SPEARS". The poll was made
from "The Orange County Equality Project" to find the gay icon.
Now the runner-up was MADONNA, but JOEL WADDELL who
head's the Equality Project says Madonna will be number #1
again when she puts out a new album, although Madge is the
greatest icon the gay community has ever had. LADY GAGA came
in third while KATY PERRY came in fourth.

You remember "Malcolm in the Middle's" FRANKIE MUNIZ?? Do
you know he tried to commit suicide last Friday. He and his
girlfriend ELYCIA TURNBOW were arguing in their Scottsdale,
Arizona home about prior relationships when Frankie grabbed the
loaded gun and put it to his head, Elycia called Frankie's band-mates
to take Frank to the hospital for going crazy. But Frankie told the
cops that Elycia was yelling at him and he fell and hit his head
which is why he went to the emergency room and he never put
the gun to his head, he grabbed the case not the gun that wasn't
loaded(now Frankie lied about the gun because remember I told
you the gun "was loaded" and cops confirmed it was.) So it
wasn't over yet because when Frank returned home about 10pm
Elycia said Frank punched her in the head and threw her into the
wall while in the downstairs bedroom. Frankie said he would never
do that he loves Elycia and hopes to marry her. But Frank did say
he was sleeping and was awoke by Elycia yelling then hitting him
in the face, Frank was defending himself when Elycia fell to the
ground and started to kick the bedroom door. Although there were
no visible injuries the cops warned those two they would go to jail
if things got out of hand again.

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