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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Feb 21st, 2011
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Can RYAN PHILLIPE ever keep a relationship?? Now
after 3 months with AMANDA SEYFRIED, they have broken
up and from what I found out is that Ryan was seen at the
Pre-Grammy party last week hitting on RIHANNA.

Our "Friends" darling JENNIFER ANISTON celebrated her 42nd
Birthday last week here in New York and has a dream of
returning here to where she grew up. She's even selling
her Beverly Hills home that she bought in 2006 for $42
Million Dollars. Jen had a little epiphany while on her London
trip and thought "why not sell my house".

Well I don't know if you heard but ASHLEE SIMPSON & PETE
WENTZ are divorced due to "irreconcilable differences", this
happened last week. As a matter of fact Ash and their son
Bronx is living with her sis JESSICA and Jess fiance ERIC
JOHNSON until she can find a place in Los Angeles. Last
Wednesday Ashlee and a real estate broker were house
hunting in Beverly Hills, Ash didn't get out of the car and
was very quiet and subdued. Ashlee was going to get out
of the car but when she saw the paparazzies she stayed in
the car and went back home.

CAMILLE GRAMMER has a new gig: She's going to be a CNN
commentator. As a matter of fact, she's going to be part
of the red carpet of Next Week's Oscar Gala called,
"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: ROAD TO GOLD" which will air Sunday
February 27th at 7pm on CNN.

So it looks like SHERYL CROW may part ways with record
label Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records. Sheryl's contract is
up and her albums weren't big sellers recently even though
she's still doing "live" shows that are still selling out. There
may be a chance that she will move on to an indie label.

LADY GAGA said on a Sirius XM radio show that if she made
a movie based on her life then she would like MARISA
TOMEI to play her. Gaga is a Marisa fan and even her friends
call her 'Marisa' when she gets angry because her New York
accent just comes out and she even starts smacking her gum.

JUSTIN BIEBER was part of the NBA All-Star celebrity game
last Friday Night and even though his team lost 54-49 Bieber
ended up with the M.V.P. trophy. Other players included

Could there be an engagement in the works for PARIS HILTON & CY WAITS?? Well they were spotted here in New
York at a jewelry store called "Jacob & Co." Paris celebrated
her 30th birthday last week and Cy gave her a $375,000
Lexus. Now they didn't leave the jewelry store empty-
handed because Paris walked out with a $25,000 white gold
and black diamond encrusted ring. The engagement could
come soon because I hear it's very serious between Cy and

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