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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Wed Feb 23rd, 2011
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Well I wanted to start off today with some wonderful
news, "Who's The Boss" and "Charmed" star ALYSSA
MILANO is going to be a mommy. She and her husband of
almost 2 years DAVID BUGLIARI whose an agent at the
Creative Artists Agency are over-excited about the news,
Alyssa is due in the fall.

USHER knows how to unwind when he's on tour, he has
his own portable hot tub backstage. Usher even admits he's
homesick on tour and hangs "drapes" in his dressing room to
provide comfort. But the hot tub is sort of his therapy when
he does every show.

Ever since MACKENZIE PHILLIPS has put out her book "High
On Arrival" it caused her and her half-sister CHYNNA ("WILSON
PHILLIPS") to no longer speak. Now 2 years ago Chynna
was in Mackenzie's corner when Mack put out the book
about her decade-long incestuous relationship with her
father JOHN ("Mama's & The Papa's). Chynna even said
when she was on tour for the Wilson Phillips Christmas album,
"That she and Mackenzie are taking a break" where Mackenzie
said, "If taking a break means were not talking, then yes we're
taking a break".

You know that "Heroes" star HAYDEN PANETTIERE is playing
"Amanda Knox" in the movie: "AMANDA KNOX: MURDER ON
TRIAL IN ITALY". Amanda is in prison because of the brutal
murder of Knox's roommate, MEREDITH KERCHER. Hayden
is coming to Amanda's defense and hoping that she's
released from prison one day. Amanda's trying to appeal
against her conviction and Hayden said whether she's
guilty or not she still wants her to be 'freed'. Amanda is
serving 26 years in an Italian prison for killing Meredith but
after new forensic evidence was discovered a jury will meet
next month.

I'm still trying to get over the ASHLEE SIMPSON & PETE
WENTZ divorce but now we are getting some reasons why
the marriage failed. A "friend" of Ashlee's said that Pete was
always on tour and not home enough for Ashlee and their
son BRONX. But a source from Pete's side said Ashlee could
not be trusted due to her hard-partying ways, Pete even
checked in on Ashlee constantly and even had his friends call
the house and her cell phone to make sure that she said
where she was going to be, that she was "REALLY" there.
But now a 3rd source stepped up to say that Pete is a
prescription drug addict and wasn't making an effort to quit.
If this gets ugly, "AND IT WILL", I hope that baby "Bronx"
doesn't get hurt in the middle of it.

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