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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Feb 28th, 2011
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Last Thursday DAVID ARQUETTE was on "OPRAH",
talking openly about his marriage ending, his alcohol and
drug abuse. His sisters ROSANNA & PATRICIA ("The
Medium") talked about how their mother stabbed and
choked them. The girls revealed how violent their mom was
and their dad Lewis' addiction problems. Rosanna talked
about how much drama was in the house and how her
mother stabbed her in the arm with a knife. Patricia said that
her mother choked her to where she "blacked-out", but
their father also drank whiskey and marijuana. Eventually mom
and dad got help and became loving parents.

Everybody's talking about how JENNIFER LOPEZ broke down
on AMERICAN IDOL after telling CHRIS MEDINA didn't make
the Top 24 cut. When Jen told Chris the sad news, she just
broke down and cried. If you heard of Chris' story, his fiancee
was in a car accident leaving her a paraplegic, but fans came
to Chris aid and gave him $29,000 and a handicapped-aided
van to help his fiancee out. Here is the video of Jen telling
Chris the sad news in its entirety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDDSvSGOqA8

We must talk about CHRISTINA AGUILERA being a "lush".
Sources are saying she's abusing alcohol and headed towards
a downward spiral. We remember how she messed up
singing, "The National Anthem" at Super Bowl XLV, but from
what I am hearing her drinking is out of control because
during her "Burlesque" overseas press tour she was drunk to
where her boyfriend MATT RUTLER had to carry her back to
her hotel room. You think that's shocking, well then listen to
this. On New Year's Eve her mom made her lie down because
she was too plastered and yelled at her mother "saying who
do you think you are??" Christina even called her brother's
girlfriend "a sleeper". But there's even more kids, at a family
gathering recently she and Matt were having sex in the
bathroom. Friends of Christina's are saying her ego is out of
control and she's getting trashy.

EMINEM has a bigger Facebook following than LADY GAGA.
As a matter of fact look at these numbers, Lady Gaga has:
28,930,299 but as for Eminem he beats Gaga by a margin
of over 50,000, Em has 28,982,205 beating Lady Gaga's
eight month run as the most popular person on the site. But
Lady Gaga is still the #1 overall site with YouTube hits and
Twitter followers.

into quite a scuffle with a paparazzi at their London hotel
Thursday. One of the photographers became invasive and
it got so crazy that he struck Catherine in the face. So
when Catherine shoved him out of the way Michael jumped
in to protect her. Catherine and Michael visited Buckingham
Palace hours before because Catherine was honored by
PRINCE CHARLES to become (CBE) "Commander of the Order
of the British Empire, this was for her charity work and
her services to the film industry.

KELSEY GRAMMER who just divorced his wife CAMILLE just
two weeks ago got married Friday to KAYTE WALSH. They
exchanged vows at the Longacre Theater where Kelsey
recently starred in "LA CAGE AUX FOLLES". The after-party
was the Plaza Hotel where all their family and friends attended.
This is Kelsey's 4th marriage while this is Kayte Walsh's first.

You all know how much I was gushing that TAYLOR SWIFT
was dating JAKE GYLLENHAAL, but sadly 2 months ago
they have broken up. But guess who Taylor is dating now??
"Glee's" CHORD OVERSTREET. Thursday they were spotted
together at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Chord and
Taylor were at a hockey game getting "very" close while the
Los Angeles Kings played against the Minnesota Wild. By the
way, "the kings" beat "the wilds" 4-2.

Now that CHARLIE SHEEN'S show "Two-and-a-half-Men" has
been canceled for the rest of the 2010-2011 season he's
been seeking a $10 Million deal to release his memoirs.
Charlie has started a rehab stint in his L.A. home because he's
been doing drugs, alcohol, and partying with hookers. Just
last week he had a falling out with "Two and a half men"
writer CHUCK LORRE which caused the producers to cancel the sitcom for the rest of the season. Now Charlie wants to
put out a book called, "WHEN THE LAUGHTER STOPPED".
I just found out something else that's interesting, tomorrow
Charlie will sit down on ABC's "20/20" for an hour-long
interview with ANDREA CANNING to give his side of the
story with his argument with Chuck Lorre.

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