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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Mar 7th, 2011
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CHARLIE SHEEN has just been unraveling before our eyes and
it so crazy that even the media (CBS) are preparing for his
obituaries. No one is wishing death on Charlie but an insider
from CBS said it would be unprofessional to not be prepared
for one of the biggest stories in a long time. Friends and
Family are worried how sick Charlie looks and even an
intervention has not helped Charlie at all. Charlie even told "E!"
for the drugs if he decides to go back to it, what's not to like,
he see's life in a different way, life is boring and I have got to
make it exciting.

Remember that last week in London an ice cream parlor has
produced a flavor made from human breast milk (gross!!).
Well they gave it a name called, 'BABY GAGA', now I wonder
who that's named after??? Well LADY GAGA is not happy
about that all and she suing the bosses of the parlor
(COVENT GARDEN) to change the name. The owner MATT
O' CONNOR is ready to take it to court this week and thinks
that he will win because he says in "no-way" that its stealing
Lady Gaga's image, Gaga has been the most common used
phrases to come from a baby's mouth hence the name:

I told you that SCARLETT JOHANSSON and SEAN PENN have
been seeing each other for about a month now. Now since
Scarlett divorced RYAN REYNOLDS he moved on to a
beautiful German model named AGNES FISCHER (but between
me and you she almost looks like "MICHELLE WILLIAMS".)
Ryan is doing a movie in South Africa with DENZEL WASHINGTON called "Safe House" and Agnes has a small part
in the film which is how she and Ryan have gotten real "palsy",
they even had coffee together at Cape Town's Old Biscuit

PHIL COLLINS who has been having poor health just released
that he's quitting music. Phil said his years of Rock and Roll
has taken a toll on his body (he lost some of his hearing, his
back hurts from a dislocated vertebra, and nerve damage
makes it hard for him to hold drumsticks.) Even the critics
have been really hard on the 7 Grammy and Oscar winner so
now he giving up on music (which is very unfortunate) and
is living his life in Switzerland.

So KATY PERRY and her producer DR. LUKE are on the outs.
Before the grammys that had a falling out that was so bad
that Luke has not been promoting Katy. Dr. Luke was a band
member for "Saturday Night Live", he takes credit for 21 #1
singles and for making KE$HA and restoring BRITNEY SPEARS'
career. From what I heard Katy was tired of his familiar sounds
and his records, but it was mostly Luke's attitude and Katy's
a star, she will not be told what to do. But from what I hear
about Luke, sources say he has an abrasive style to swallow,
he thinks that he owns his artists to a point that he curses
them out, so pretty much what we have here is a battle of

JUSTIN BIEBER who said he would never talk about her
relationship with SELENA GOMEZ has finally said one thing
about her, "SHE'S HOT!!!" People wondered "if they" or "if
they aren't", well last Sunday they had confirmed "they are"
at a post-Academy Awards bash last month. Justin said she's
hot and even likes her beauty and sense of humor, let's hope
this will last for a very long time.

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