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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Tues Mar 15th, 2011
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Liverpool England got a little crazy on Thursday Afternoon
because JUSTIN BIEBER was there because he was going to
perform at the Echo Arena on Friday Night. Justin was at the
Hard Days Night Hotel and many girls tired to get a glimpse of
him. But paramedics and police were called because some
girls were getting crushed by the mob and the police had
threatened to arrest him or any of his crew if they were to
come out of the hotel room's balcony. So after they got the
crowd under control, police did finally ask Justin to wave to
his fans from the balcony but it was very brief.

A drag club in Louisville, Kentucky got quite a surprise Saturday
night. THE KFC YUM!! Center was invaded by LADY GAGA
who performed her single, "BORN THIS WAY" to a sold-out
crowd. Gaga even continued and joined a transvestite
onstage for a rousing rendition of her latest single, I even
heard that the crowd chanted, "Don't be a drag, just be a
queen!!!" Gaga even did a stage dive into the crowd before
leaving the stage.

I just found out some scandalous news about RYAN PHILLIPPE
and it involves his ex-girlfriend ALEXIS KNAPP. Now Ryan is
currently seeing AMANDA SEYFRIED (whose movie "Little
Red Riding Hood" that's out in theaters now.) Now Ryan and
Alexis dated last summer and Alexis is 6 months "preggers"
but she claims its Ryan's but there is going to be a paternity
test to make sure. If this is Ryan's child this will be his 3rd
kid that he will care for, you know he has 2 other children
with his ex-wife REESE WITHERSthingy.

Speaking of more baby news, BRYAN ADAMS is becoming "a
poppa" with his personal assistant ALICIA GRIMALDI in May.
She helped start his foundation (BRYAN ADAMS FOUNDATION)
years ago and now she'll be running his family, this will be
their first child together.

LINDSAY LOHAN arrived back to JFK Airport in New York City
Sunday with her mother DINA and little sister ALI. Of course
the paparazzi's were ready and waiting and Lindsay said the
"razzies" gave her an "anxiety attack". All the girls were
waiting to leave the airport all wearing black coats just being
surrounded by paparazzi and fans. As you know in 10 days
from today Lilo has until then to accept a plea deal in her
$2,500 necklace theft.

Something wonderful you all should know is that now I am
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