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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Thur Mar 31st, 2011
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NEVE CAMPBELL whose movie "SCREAM 4" will be in
theaters in 2 weeks is planning on adopting a South
African child. She's currently going through her 2nd
divorce with her 2nd husband JOHN LIGHT. Neve has
been volunteering at the Botshabello orphanage in Gauteng,
South Africa and its given her inspiration to adopt a
child and become a mother.

CHERYL BRUKE who is dancing with wrestler CHRIS JERICHO
on "Dancing With The Stars" had urged the bosses of the
show to not have CHRIS BROWN perform. Chris was on
Tuesday Night and it rubbed Cheryl the wrong way
because like the abuse drama with Chris and Rihanna,
Cheryl had years of physical abuse from her ex-boyfriend.
Cheryl said even though she has no control over who
performs, she didn't agree with Chris coming on the show.

Since I was talking about CHRIS BROWN & RIHANNA did
you know that the restraining order that Rihanna had over
Chris has been lifted. Chris assaulted Rihanna 2 years ago
and was convicted, part of his punishment was he had
to stay away from Rihanna at all times. In the upcoming
issue of "ROLLING STONES", Rihanna said she was happy
the order expired, what Chris did to her was a personal
thing and had nothing to do with his career.

If you had a chance to see BRITNEY SPEARS on "GOOD
MORNING AMERICA" Tuesday, she mentioned about her
"FEMME FATALE" album is out and is planning a summer
tour with ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. But there was talk that
Enrique pulled out of Brits' tour, but Enrique may end up
touring with Britney after all, Enrique even has his new
album to come out called, "EUPHORIA". Enrique has great
respect and is a fan of Brits' and has apologized for the
confusion that this might have caused to anyone. If you
visit www.britneyspears.com/tour you can see the tour
dates and the cities that Brits' will perform, she starts on
Friday June 17th in Sacramento, California and ends
Saturday August 13th in Toronto.

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