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Kenyatta the Gossip Girl Mon Apr 18th, 2011
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Now you kids know I love to start the week with "BIG" news,
and its about a drunken NICOLAS CAGE getting arrested on
Saturday Morning in New Orleans. What happened was Nic
and his wife ALICE KIM were standing in front of a residence
that he claimed was their residence but Alice said it wasn't
the right address. So Nic grabbed Alice's arm and started
pulling her back to the house. In the neighborhood, Nicolas
acted so bad he started striking vehicles and getting into a
taxi. Onlookers flagged down a cop and saw Nic drunk and
the cop told Nic to get out of the cab, where Nic yelled at
the cop. So Nic was thrown in jail, then released and has to
appear in court May 31st. By the way, the last story that
I will tell you is "who" got Nic out of an $11,000 bail, you
will be quite surprised!!!

If your a fan of "ALLURE" Magazine your going to see
"HELLCATS" star ASHLEY TISDALE because she is going to
pose "all-nude". The reason she's doing this is to shed her
"young-girl" image and to prove to fans she's actually a
woman now. Also posing "nude" in "Allure" are KALEY
MOYNAHAN. You can see the pics on www.Allure.com

EVANGELINE LILLY ("LOST") is expecting her first child with
production assistant/boyfriend NORMAN KALI. On Thursday
Evangeline was spotted sporting a "baby-bump" in Hawaii
where "Lost" was filmed.

I hate to gross you all out, but when you hear this story you
might want to stay away from the Playboy Mansion,
especially the hot tub. In February the mansion hosted at
fundraiser of the Domainfest Conference. So many guests
fell ill with a respiratory condition also 120 people suffered a
fever. So at a conference on Friday at The Centers for
Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia it was concluded that
legionella bacteria which causes Legionnaires' Disease was
found in the hot tub. (YUCK!!) There was also a report
that the fog machine was the cause of the sickness but a
spokesperson for HUGH HEFNER has denied that report.

LEANN RIMES did a wonderful thing for a "TWITTER" follower,
she donated some shoes for PEGGY JOYCE from Ohio.
Peggy is out of work and has a 16-month old and was reading
that LeAnn was doing some spring cleaning to her closet.
So Peggy talked to LeAnn and asked if you have anything to
donate to me because its been a bad year and that she
would pay for shipping. God Bless LeAnn because she gave
Peggy some flip-flops and tennis shoes in her size.

I bet you've all been wondering how "GLEE'S" MATTHEW
MORRISON gets his great silky hair??? Well he uses a
skincare lotion like my mother and father uses: "LUBRIDERM".
Matt said he's been using Lubriderm since college and his
hair has never looked better.

I opened up today's story about NICOLAS CAGE getting
thrown in jail in New Orleans for domestic violence against
his wife ALICE KIM on Saturday. Well Nicolas released on an
$11,000 bond Saturday Afternoon by "The Bounty Hunter"
DUANE CHAMPMAN. Duane is a fan of Nicolas which is why
he helped him out, even the media has been asking Duane
for an interview, which Duane has declined.

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